Questions to Ask on Sendit – Good, Juicy, Funny and Dice Sendit Questions

All Sendit Dice Questions: One of the most interesting social media apps on the internet is Snapchat, and it’s not without reason. The messaging and social networking platform has some of the most distinguishing features that set it apart from other social media platforms on the web. While Snapchat is already much fun with all the snap filters, effects, emojis, and more, it becomes more fun and interesting with platforms like Sendit.

what are the questions to ask on sendit

Sendit is a unique new-age app that makes snapping on Snapchat more interesting and fun. The app combines snaps with interesting, interactive lenses using which you can ask and answer questions to your friends on Snapchat.

The platform is mostly popular for its “ask me anything” lenses that you can share with your friends and let them ask funny questions about literally any topic. Though all of this seems pretty simple and straightforward to use, it has now become much of a trend, with users actively indulging in funny Ask Me Anything sessions as they await some unexpected, funny anonymous replies from friends.

It’s often interesting to be part of such trends. If you, too, have received a similar AMA snap from a friend, you might be feeling short of words thinking about some interesting questions to ask. Well, your confusion is about to end soon!

Read on to discover some funny, witty, and silly questions you can ask your Snapchat friends via Sendit.

How to Send Questions on Sendit

Once you have finished setting up your Sendit account and integrated it with Snapchat, you can start sending questions to your friends on Snapchat.

To send the “ask me anything” snap to your friends, you need to open the Sendit app and tap on the Share button at the bottom– the “ask me anything” text is the default text that appears when you open the app.

Once you tap on the Share button, you will be redirected to Snapchat’s Camera tab, where you can capture your snap with the question at the top. Send the snap to your friends to start the fun!

If you want to write something else on the Sendit box, you can tap on the edit button just below the box to edit the text. You can tap on the Dice icon at the bottom-left corner to shuffle the text through predefined templates. The games option at the bottom-right corner is also a great tool for asking some more subjective questions like True or False, This or That, and so on.

That’s enough of a quick walkthrough of Sendit and its features. Now, let’s tell you some interesting questions you can ask on Sendit!

Questions to Ask on Sendit – Good, Juicy, Funny and Dice Sendit Questions

Sendit is all about asking interesting questions to your friends and answering the questions asked by a friend. Here are 25 funny and interesting questions you can ask your Snapchat friends via Sendit:

#1. What is the worst advice you have given to a friend and regretted silently later?

#2. Have you ever tried to scare someone by pretending to be a ghost?

#3. If Santa Claus didn’t have his reindeer to pull his sleigh, how would he come to distribute the gifts?

#4. If you could play the role of a movie character in real life, what would you be?

#5. What is the strangest thing you have done in your life?

#6. If you could transform yourself into an insect, which insect would it be?

#7. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done in public?

#8. What would’ve happened had a coconut fallen on Newton’s head instead of the apple?

#9. If a person is born deaf, in which language do they think?

#10. What is your guilty pleasure?

#11. If you could go back in time, which figure from history would you like to meet first?

#12. Have you ever experienced something paranormal?

#13. What is the funniest outfit you have ever worn on a Halloween night?

#14. What is the most sticky situation you have ever been in?

#15. Have you ever been caught stalking your crush?

#16. Where would you go first if you were to start on a world trip?

#17. What is the ugliest dish you have ever cooked?

#18. For how many hours do you sleep per day?

#19. Which is your favorite character from a book?

#20. Which is your all-time favorite movie?

#21. Would you like to be immortal? Why?

#22. If you are stranded on a remote island, what is the one thing you want to have?

#23. If you were given a choice to have a wild animal as a pet, which one would you choose?

#24. Who is your dream couple?

#25. Do you like singing in the bathroom while taking a bath?

Signing off

If you are interested in trying out Sendit to send interactive text-filled snaps to your friends, this blog is about how you can make those texts more interesting.

Getting started on Sendit is easy, but we have made it much easier for you by sharing detailed step-by-step instructions to help you get onboard Sendit most smoothly. Once you have set up your Sendit app and linked it with your Snapchat account, you can start sending interesting questions from the list of questions we have shared with you.

Share this blog with your friends if you like the questions we have shared. Have you tried asking those questions before? If not, try them out now and tell us about the responses you get.

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