How to Send Fake Live Camera Picture on Kik

Cyberspace anonymous communication is on the rise, and Kik Messenger is one of the apps that is popular with young people nowadays. You can message your loved ones using the app to scan their QR code. But what if the person on the other end is a total stranger and requests a live camera picture of you? You’re unsure about what to do next and are in a pickle. We would, of course, not advise you to send the picture immediately since this is a stranger we are talking about.

send fake live camera picture on kik

What if you were to inform them that there is a technique to deceive them into thinking you have sent them a live camera picture? Yes, we are essentially telling you to deceive them, but it is okay if you aren’t at ease with the idea of giving them your photo just yet.

You’ve come to the perfect place if you want to learn how to send fake live camera pictures on Kik. So, hold on tight as we dive into the blog to learn more about it.

How to Send Fake Live Camera Picture on Kik

Let’s first define the rules if you’re here to learn how to send a fake live camera photo on Kik in order to avoid being caught. To begin with, you cannot choose a picture from your camera roll and claim that it is your live picture. Kik calls them “live pictures” for a reason—otherwise, the app will let the recipient know that the picture wasn’t taken with the Kik camera.

So, if you don’t want to be caught red-handed, don’t do it. Let’s say that third-party apps will be necessary if you want to fool the user successfully.

These third-party apps are crucial for both Android and iPhone users. There are many third-party apps available that you can use to your advantage.

We advise using the Gallery Cam or Fake Camera Kik App to assist you if you cannot choose a third-party app or are afraid to do it on your own. These are two trustworthy third-party apps for Android users. These two can complete the task without the hassle of sending a real-life photo of oneself to an unrelated stranger.

However, you must pick AppValley as a trustworthy third-party software to assist you with this task if you use an iPhone. But keep in mind that you must download these apps from their official website as they are not present on the Google Play Store or even the App Store.

How to send fake live camera pictures for Android

Here, we will tell you the steps to use Gallery cam and the Fake Camera Kick app. Essentially, these apps will choose images from your camera roll, but the receiver won’t be aware.

Steps to use the Gallery Cam app to send a live photo on Kik:

Step 1: You must first download Gallery cam from their official website.

Step 2: Go to the Kik app now and open it once the app is installed and launched successfully on your device.

Step 3: You must go to the chat section of the Kik app and navigate to the chat with the person to who you need to send the live picture.

A camera icon must be present in the screen’s lower left-hand corner. Please click on it and then select the Gallery Cam you have installed.

Gallery Cam will essentially act as the default camera. These apps might request access to your camera roll, so give them the required permission to enter.

Please note that there aren’t many differences in the instructions if you use the Fake Camera Kik app. You just need to download the Fake Camera Kik app from the official website.

You should then sign in to your Kik app and head to the chat with the person who has asked for your live camera picture. Now, you should let this third-party app do the work for you.

How to use AppValley to send fake live camera pictures for iPhone?

We believe that AppValley is the most reliable third-party app if you are an iPhone user. You should install the app from the official website since it won’t be available to you via the app store to use it.

Steps to use AppValley:

Step 1: Open the AppValley application and look for the search field. Search for Kik by tapping on it.

Step 2: Launch the Kik app after downloading and installing it.

Please note that to use the Kik app, you must allow it permission; otherwise, an error message stating Untrusted Enterprise Developer will appear.

Step 3: You must open the Kik app and sign in with your credentials.

Step 4: Enter the chat and select a picture from your camera roll to send them.

In the end

How about we review what we learned today quickly since our blog has come to an end? Today, our main focus was learning how to send a fake live camera picture on Kik.

We discovered that you couldn’t execute it via Kik since the app restricts it. However, you may undoubtedly use some amazing third-party apps created for Android and iOS to assist you.

We exclusively discussed Gallery Cam and Fake Camera Kik App for android users. Then we talked about how iPhone users could use AppValley. Hopefully, you can avoid sending your live photos to random strangers using these apps.

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