How to View Old Snapchat Stories of Friends (See Old Snapchat Stories)

See Old Stories on Snapchat: If you don’t share about your recent job switch or your last summer trip, did they really happen? This statement holds true for thousands of Millennials and GenZ, who compulsively share moments from their day-to-day life on social media. More precisely, it is true for those who share visual content on Snapchat.

view someone's old snapchat stories

Over the past years, Snapchat has transformed from a photo-sharing app to a popular social media platform with millions of users creating more than 4 billion snaps every day! The year 2016 marked the release of an advertising API for Snapchat called Snapchat Partners.

Snapchat has a fleeting nature of content. This induces readers to skim through the app more frequently as compared to other social media platforms. Users can view the snaps only for 10 seconds, and they usually share aspects of their daily life like what they had for lunch and with whom did they hang out, and so on.

In contrast to other social networking sites with tonnes of advertisements fleeting in their news feed, Snapchat allows you to view brand content as per your preference. Only select media companies and brands promote themselves through Snapchat’s Discovery, which draws the attention of about 40 million people in a day.

In the brand Discovery section, you can read editorial articles, watch award shows, movie screenings, etc. Although this content has some amount of advertisement woven into them, you can always choose to skip them with a tap of your finger. 

If you have been using Snapchat for quite some time, you most probably know that whatever you post on the platform disappears after a period. This is something we might not always favor.

If you had an amazing experience and posted about it sometime back, you might be looking to retrieve it.

On the other hand, is there any possibility to see old Snapchat stories of friends? Hold your patience. Carefully read the next section of our blog to find answers to your question.

Can You View Someone’s Old Snapchat Stories?

Bid goodbye to all your worries, for here’s the good news! On Snapchat, apart from your stories, you get to save others too using some workarounds. So, when you want to catch a glimpse of someone’s old stories, all you need to do is make sure you have saved those earlier on your device.

Snapchat officially doesn’t allow you to save your friend’s story; you need to know about the apps that secretly let you do so. Let’s figure out how to use two such apps without further ado.

How to View Old Snapchat Stories of Friends (See Old Snapchat Stories)

Snapcrack: How does it work

Unfortunately, there’s no direct tool to save your friend’s story on Snapchat. But what’s wrong with going that extra mile? We have a third-party app for you, which you can use both on your Android and iPhone devices. Follow the step-by-step guide given below to have someone else’s Snapchat story saved on your phone.

Step 1: Go to

and download the SnapCrack app on your device. After that, install it.

Step 2: Log in to the app by entering your Snapchat credentials. You won’t have a hard time using the app as it has a similar interface to Snapchat. In no time, SnapCrack would fetch the necessary data from Snapchat.

Step 3: View your friends’ stories and tap on the Save option to store them in your device’s memory.

Once you have saved the stories on your device, you can always go back and view them.

MirrorGo: Your go-to tool for saving your friend’s stories on Snapchat

With MirrorGo, you won’t get caught while secretly saving someone else’s Snapchat stories. This app can be used for clicking screenshots as well as screen recording. This app can be efficiently used to mirror your smartphone’s screen to other big screens. You need a USB cable to connect your device to the big screen. MirrorGo is a secure app that works on all Android devices. To reap the benefits of this app, download it from Once you have saved your friend’s story using this app on your device, you can always view them whenever you want to.

Use IOS Screen Recorder

Snapchat discourages you to take a screenshot of someone else’s story. So, the moment you capture such a screenshot, the person on the other end will be notified in no time. Although there’s no built-in feature in Snapchat to save your friend’s story, there is a trick to getting this done. One such trick is using the screen recorder.

Exclusively meant for your iPhone, the IOS screen recorder lets you record your whole screen activity. So, all you need to do is turn on your screen recorder, open Snapchat and view your friend’s story. Once you turn off the screen recorder and get the clip saved, you can always go back to the concerned folder and view your friend’s Snapchat story as many times you want.

The best part about the IOS screen recorder is that it works on a wide range of IOS devices. So, you do not bother even if you aren’t using the latest iPhone model.

How to view my old Snapchat stories

If you want to view your old Snapchat stories, make sure you save them on your smartphone’s memory. Once you get it saved, you can view the stories anytime you want. Here’s the step-by-step guide by following which you will be able to save Snapchat stories on your device.

Kindly note that you need to save the Snapchat story within 24 hours of its creation, after which it will automatically disappear from the platform.

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