How to See Who You Follow on LinkedIn (Who I’m Following LinkedIn)

See Who i Follow on LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a social networking site solely designed for professional networking. Your LinkedIn profile is an online resume that follows a clean, streamlined design. Although LinkedIn is social media, it can be defined more appropriately as professional media. This is because your connections on the platform are relevant to your professional life instead of being casual acquaintances or your family or friends. 

see who i am following on linkedin

LinkedIn focuses on needs specific to employees and offers solutions to recruiters and businesses. Although other social media platforms provide many features for smooth business operations, LinkedIn offers you access to exclusive insights into company growth rates that you can see on Premium Business.

LinkedIn brings you a feature called job insight, where you can compare your profile with the profiles of other job applicants. This helps you keep up with the most demanded skills in the job market. It notifies you from time to time about job vacancies and brings you a list of similar jobs you are looking for.

The list doesn’t end here; LinkedIn also has up-to-date courses, including about 1500 expert-led video content. Based on your requirements, you can access the lessons. The platform also helps you prepare for interviews with expert insights under the LinkedIn premium career subscription plan. 

LinkedIn gives users the option to go for a Follow button as the Call To Action button instead of opting for the Connect prompt, which is there by default. Although the follow button was meant for high-profile users only, who come under LinkedIn’s influencer program, currently, all users can use it.

Interestingly, your Connect button will automatically change to Follow if you enable LinkedIn’s Creator mode. The Creator mode is designed to highlight your profile as a contributor on the platform.

Before we delve into figuring out how to see who you are following on LinkedIn, let us have a clear idea of the differences between Following and Connecting.

Can You See Who I am Following on LinkedIn?

Yes, you can see who I am following on Linkedin. If you have been using LinkedIn for quite some time, you may have thought of looking at your following list on the platform. However, as there isn’t a direct key to check your following list, you might think it is a cumbersome task. But we want to assure you that this process isn’t as complex as you think.

How to See Who You Follow on LinkedIn Desktop

To find out who you are following on LinkedIn using your desktop, kindly follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome and log in to your LinkedIn account using your Email address and password.

Step 2: On your LinkedIn homepage, click on My network. The My network option appears right at the top in between Home and Jobs.

Step 3: On the left side of your screen, you will find the Manage my network section with a list of options. From the list, click People I Follow, which appears in between Contacts and Groups.

Step 4: Now, you will be able to view all the people and companies you follow on LinkedIn. The result can be filtered by choosing the Out of network, Companies, Connections, and Hashtags options.

How to See Who You Are Following on LinkedIn App

To look at the users you are following on LinkedIn via smartphone, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Open the LinkedIn app on your smartphone and tap on My Network. The My Network option appears between Home and Post.

Step 2: You will find Manage my network at the top of your screen. Give a tap on this.

Step 3: Now, the Manage my network screen opens before you. Just below Connections, you will find People I follow. Give a tap on People I follow.

Step 4: As soon as the People I follow screen appears, you will be able to see people whom you are following on LinkedIn.

It’s that simple! We hope that by following the procedures mentioned above, you will be able to see who you are following on LinkedIn.

How to know the number of followers I have on LinkedIn?

It is quite simple to find out the number of followers you have on LinkedIn. Open the LinkedIn homepage on your desktop and click on your profile picture. When a small drop-down menu appears, select Posts and Activity. You can find this option under the Manage section. As soon as you get a new follower, LinkedIn notifies you about it.

Now the Activity page will open on your screen. On the left side of your screen, you will find the number of followers you have on LinkedIn. It is important to note that all your LinkedIn connections come under the followers’ list. Thus, if you want to know who just follows on the platform, you need to subtract the number of your connections from the total number of your followers.

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