How to View Someone’s LinkedIn Profile without Them Knowing

View Someone’s LinkedIn Profile without Them Knowing: LinkedIn is a business tool that provides a variety of functions that can assist users in achieving their career goals, depending on how they use the platform. The ability to view other people’s profiles anonymously is one of the many features provided by LinkedIn. When someone else views a user’s profile, the default option notifies them. This means that if you are logged in to your profile and visit someone’s account, they will be notified via their own LinkedIn updates and will be able to see that you were looking at their profile.

view someones linkedin profile without them knowing

If you want to browse profiles anonymously on LinkedIn, you can change your privacy settings in a matter of minutes. People may want to go anonymous for a variety of reasons, but regardless of your motivation, you can use LinkedIn’s profile viewing options to quickly switch from visible to hidden.

How to View Someone’s LinkedIn Profile without Knowing Them

There is a setting that allows you to browse LinkedIn profiles without alerting your connections or the LinkedIn profiles being viewed. The owner of the profile will still be notified that someone is viewing their profile, but by changing your settings, they will no longer be able to see and identify you.

Here is how it’s done:

In the top right corner of the LinkedIn homepage, hover your cursor over your profile photo. Click on ‘Privacy & Settings,’ then tab on visibility, and finally on ‘Profile viewing options.’ You will be able to select ‘Anonymous LinkedIn member’ from this point in the private mode option.

Even if you change your LinkedIn settings to become completely anonymous, people will still be notified when you view their profile. They will be notified that someone has viewed their profile. However, if you set it to anonymous, they will not see your name or headline, so they will not know who you are.

Benefits of Viewing Linkedin Profile Anonymously

There are advantages to browsing profiles anonymously on LinkedIn. It’s a useful tool if you’re new to LinkedIn and want to get a sense of how the social networking platform works. You can use it to look at other people’s profiles and see how they write theirs without attracting attention to your own. Some people use it to conduct research on their competitors or simply to learn what others are doing in their industry.

Marketers and entrepreneurs may do this to determine whether they are keeping up, getting ahead, or falling behind their competitors. You can look at other people’s profiles for ideas on how to improve your own. Just remember to return it to the public once your profile is complete. Being visible to others is far more beneficial, especially for those looking to expand their LinkedIn connections.

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