How to Use Internet While on Call

With the introduction of the internet and the evolution of the mobile range of telephones, we can successfully use the internet with all the features that we get on the laptops or desktop computers right on our mobile phones or smartphones, as they are now called. While the telephones were primarily designed to talk with others, the utility of the telephones further expanded with the evolution of technology and now we can do all the activities over our mobile phones, activities that we could just dream of, let’s say 5 years back.

use internet while on call

Our phones are our best companions today, letting us perform our usual activities of talking, texting, browsing the internet, shopping, finding jobs, and much more. However, often there are times when people report issues on their mobiles. One of the most common issues is when one cannot use the internet while on a call.

In the present age we are living in, we ought to stay connected all the time via the internet. Therefore, if our connection cuts off even for a minute, it is really annoying.

This is surely one of the most reported issues from users across the globe and a significant number of them complain of such an issue each day. However, don’t worry because with some easy hacks you can remove this issue on your mobile.

Many people often complain that they cannot use the internet connection while they are busy on a call. This functionality is really important because many times we need to use the internet connection while talking to someone.

Finding yourself in one such issue without a proper internet connection is really frustrating. However, fortunately, there are a few hacks and tips you can use to remain connected while still conversing, muting, or holding your calls on an android.

Why you cannot use the internet while on calls!

There are a couple of reasons, to begin with if you are wondering why you are not able to use the internet while you are on a call on android. First, you might not have turned the HD voice on or off.

Next, if you are using a 2G phone, then unfortunately you won’t be able to use the internet because it is not a feature that is supported on the mobile models that run 2G internet. The reason for this is because smartphones are built with only one antenna. Besides, the 2G internet works with separate frequencies for voice calls and internet connectivity. Therefore, it is important to know that these phones are only able to transmit one frequency at a given time. This makes 2G lockout from switching between the phone and the internet.

However, you don’t need to worry if you are using any of the phones that are built with the 3G, 4G, or 5G, with the latest 5G technology also launched in the market. This is because these phones are equipped with the functionalities to handle both calls and the internet comfortably.

How to Use Internet While on Call?

To start with the process of how you can start using the internet seamlessly while being on a call, first, you need to enable VOLTE HD calls, which properly work in a 4G zone. With this, you can easily enable the HD voice service to continue browsing the internet while you are on a call. You can also go ahead and turn on the Wi-Fi calling feature. These are the simple hacks to remain connected to the internet while still on a call on your android phone.

Now, let’s expand them to have a comprehensive grasp!

For using the internet while calling you can first try and enable VOLTE HD calls. This is because of the tendency of a phone to switch to either 3G or 2G network from a 4G one while on a call. Therefore, you can simply choose VOLTE HD to work with on your phone. But before that, you can reach out to the phone’s manufacturer to confirm whether your handset supports VOLTE HD. If your phone supports it, then you can request your network service provider to activate the same on your phone.

Once this is active, all you need to do is to open the notification panel, then tap and hold on to the option that says Mobile Data. Now, you need to enable the VOLTE HD Calls for the SIM you need. The only major thing to note is that the VOLTE service only works with 4G networks. Therefore, it is always advised to stay in a 4G zone to enjoy this feature.

Secondly, if your android device is equipped with an HD Voice feature, then you need to be sure to enable the same. Once you have enabled it, you can now use voice and video calls while you are browsing the internet on your phone. However, here you need to note that this facility will only work if you are using a 4G LTE Network Extender. Therefore, you need to switch off Wi-Fi calling if you want to access it.

While it is obvious that the settings would vary from phone to phone, here’s learning how you can enable the HD voice service on most common android phones.

For this first you need to visit the Home Screen of your android, then click on the Apps option, then tap on Settings and later on navigate to Advanced Calling. If you cannot follow this process on your phone, then you can opt for going to Advanced Calling by first visiting Settings, then going to the option that says Network and Internet (this is also listed as Connections on some phones). Once you find yourself here, then you need to tap on the Advanced Calling option and toggle the same to on. Now, here you need to be sure the check box beside enabled is ticked for both HD Voice and Video Calling.

Therefore, to sum it up, you can easily enable HD Voice on your phone via going to Apps>Settings>Advanced Calling, then turning it on for HD Voice as well as Video Calling.

Alternative Way to Use Internet While on Call

Another way to use the internet while you are on a call on android is by turning the Wi-Fi calling on. First, you need to open the Voice app. Now, on the top left corner, you need to tap on the Menu option and then navigate to the Settings. Then, you need to select Make and Receive calls under the Calls Tab and finally opt for the option on your phone that says that it will prefer Wi-Fi over the mobile data. Once you do this, you can now use the Wi-Fi connection for a call right from the Voice app. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that if you don’t use the Voice app, then your call will use your data to stay connected.

If your phone is built with such a technology that it is capable of supporting dual sim, then you are in luck. This is because if you are using such phones then you can call someone from one sim while still remain connected from another sim. If you plan to apply this method then you can rest assured that you will face no interruptions.

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