Toyota Touch Screen Not Working? Try These Fixes

In 1986, Buick introduced Riviera– a brand-new premium car that had many things to crave for. It had a stunning outer design, great colors, and cool interiors– basically, everything that makes a car look and feel premium. Among the many amazing features of the 1986 Buick Riviera was a new, high-end addition to the car’s stereo: a touch screen. The CRT touch panel was quite a decent one. And although touch panels became common only a little over a decade ago, the 1986 Riviera was the first of its kind.

toyota touch screen not working

Looking around now, we will find touch screens on most new cars. Touch screens make the stereo-controlling experience more advanced and convenient. But on top of that, they also give the owners that much-wanted feeling of owning a premium car.

But every coin has two sides. And touch screens have their own “premium” problems that are unique to touch screens. Toyota car owners often complain about a touch screen that doesn’t work. Many models of Toyota cars have this touch-screen issue that involves a partially or fully unresponsive touch panel.

A touch screen can become faulty for several reasons. And we are going to discuss the most common ones along with their solutions below. So sit tight and read till the end.

Have a faulty car touch screen? These are the possible causes:

Like most technical problems, a faulty car touchscreen might have several possible causes. And in any particular situation, the problem can be due to one of these causes. So, if your Toyota touchscreen is not working, here’s what might be causing the issue:

1. A wet or dirty touch panel

Your touch screen will not work if it is dirty, oily, or wet. The most common of these is a wet or oily screen that wet hands have accessed, due to which the screen either doesn’t respond or, more commonly, responds incorrectly.

So, before turning to other solutions, ensure your screen is dry and clean. Clean the screen with a dry cotton cloth and check if the issue is resolved.

2. Cable issues

A more common problem behind a faulty car touchscreen is faulty wiring. Wires are one of the most fundamental components of any electronic or electrical system. And for a car’s touch screen, too, wires are essential.

Bad, broken, or burnt wires usually make a part or whole of your screen unresponsive. But if the wiring problem is somewhere else, such as where the wires connect with the stereo, the stereo might not power up at all.

3. Damaged touch panel

Has your screen been broken recently? Or do you notice a crack on your screen? If so, that might be the reason behind your faulty touch screen.

Most of the time, a crack doesn’t affect the responsiveness as internal connections are not altered. But, if the screen suffers severe damage that also damages the behind-the-screen components, it’s likely to prevent the screen from working properly.

4. Bugs

This is perhaps the most common reason behind a faulty touch screen. The stereo control panel works on software. And every kind of software is always susceptible to bugs.

A bug can arise without any proper reason. And it can very well be responsible for a malfunctioning touch panel.

5. Outdated software

An outdated software version of your vehicle is rarely responsible for problems. But these rare occasions result from software that is too outdated.

In other words, if your Toyota car is quite old, the software might be outdated and full of bugs to work properly. And due to this, your touch screen might not work the way it should.

6. Short-circuit

Issues like short circuits lie on the more serious side. A short circuit can cause considerable damage to your car and even you. As such, a damaged touchscreen is one of the least dangerous consequences.

Toyota touch screen not working? Try these fixes:

The above causes are the most common reasons why your Toyota car’s touch screen might not be working. But all of these problems have a solution. And we will now talk about them.

1. Fix for cable issues:

If you think a cable issue is causing the problem, you might or might not be able to fix it yourself. And we strongly suggest you only try to fix it if you are confident you can.

For loose cables, you can try disconnecting and reconnecting them. If you notice that a cable is broken or burnt, fix it with an identical one. You can find the cables in any repair center. But again, if you are not familiar with this, you should go to the nearest official Toyota service center.

2. Fix for a physically damaged touch screen:

If your touch screen is cracked or damaged in any other way, it must be fixed by a certified professional at the nearest Toyota dealership or service center. We don’t recommend trying it yourself.

Usually, a damaged touchscreen is fixed by replacing it with a new one. The technician will observe the screen or remove it to observe the internal components to locate the main problem. After replacement, make sure to add a screen guard to prevent future damage.

3. Fix for software issues:

If you notice that the screen doesn’t respond properly or lags while you use it, the most common reason is a bug or outdated software.

Key Cycle

You can try performing a key cycle by following the steps below:

Step 1: Take your key out of the ignition, and lock all doors except the driver’s door. Keep the driver’s door open and unlocked.

Step 2: With the door initially unlocked, lock and unlock the door five times, ending in the unlock position.

Step 3: Shut and open the door. And repeat the previous step.

Step 4: Insert your key into the ignition, and turn it on and off twice, finishing in the off position. And remove the key again.

The key cycle will start within a few seconds, and the locks will automatically turn on and off. In this case, move to the next step.

If this doesn’t happen, repeat steps 1-5 all over again.

Step 5: Press the lock and unlock buttons on your smart key simultaneously and hold them for 2 seconds. Then leave both buttons and just press the lock button for 2 seconds.

The door locks will cycle once more. Now start your car and check if the issue is resolved.

Update your car’s software:

If your car’s software is outdated, you will have to update it to the latest version. In this case, it’s best to take the help of a Toyota professional who will install the latest software version in your car.

In the end

There are many possible reasons behind a malfunctioning Toyota touchscreen. These reasons include a wet or damaged screen, bad or damaged wiring, temporary bugs, or outdated software.

Depending on the underlying cause, we have provided you with ways to deal with the issue and solve it, if possible. But in cases where contacting a certified professional is the best option, we have mentioned it clearly.

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