How to Stop Unknown Numbers from Sending You Messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp was one of the first social media platforms to provide its users with free instant messaging services. Currently, the app is used by more than 2 billion people. Thanks to its ability to streamline communication. Interestingly when WhatsApp was introduced, people began complaining about the costs of SMS texts. The app simplified communication, and users were no more worried about the length of their messages and heavy multimedia files. Given that you have a WiFi connection or mobile data available, you can reach out to anyone on the planet through texts messages, voice, or video calls on WhatsApp.

stop unknown numbers from sending you messages on whatsapp

Netizens can no longer imagine paying inflated rates for overseas calling minutes. Thanks to WhatsApp, which has drastically changed the way people make international calls for personal and professional reasons. With WhatsApp, you no longer need to pay a hefty amount to call your high school buddy living in a different country or a colleague from another corner of the world.

Furthermore, the accessibility of the app plays a significant role in its wide-scale popularity. Unlike certain apps which cater to only Apple or Android users, WhatsApp is platform antagonistic. This means that the app can be installed and run on almost every device.

Currently, smartphone owners can’t just avoid using the app to carry out their day-to-day communication over the internet. However, it is not unnatural to receive weird messages from random people and unknown numbers on WhatsApp. Is there a way to prevent unknown people from sending you messages on WhatsApp? Before finding out how to bar such messages, let us figure out how to ensure your privacy on this platform. 

How to Stop Unknown Numbers from Sending You Messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp doesn’t have a built-in feature that automatically identifies unknown numbers and blocks them. But when you receive a message from an unknown number, WhatsApp lets you know about it, and you get two options BLOCK and ADD. To stop messages from that such accounts, you should block them. We have listed down the various steps associated with blocking an account.

Step 1: As the first step, open WhatsApp chat from an unknown number. 

Step 2: Right below their number, you would find two options: BLOCK and ADD. Tap on BLOCK.

Step 3: You can then see a pop-up message on your screen. The message would read Blocked contacts cannot call or send you messages. This contact will not be notified. Affirm the message by tapping on the BLOCK option. If you want to Report the Account, you can tap on the Report contact button.

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