How to See Follow Requests on TikTok

What is the most important aspect of being on TikTok for a TikToker? You don’t even need to think twice about it, do you? The term “followers” pops up immediately when talking about TikTok and TikTokers. For anyone who uses TikTok to showcase their talents or entertaining capabilities, a huge follower base is the most important part of what they want to achieve. And why not? The number of people who follow you is the most important metric of success on TikTok. It reflects how your short videos perform on the platform and how famous you are!

see follow requests on tiktok

However, things are not quite the same if you have made your TikTok account private. While having a private TikTok account most likely means that you don’t want to become popular on TikTok, it also means that you receive Follow Requests instead of followers and that you need to approve the requests to increase your follower count.

But what if you don’t know how to check your Follow Requests? If yes, you are not alone. It is pretty common for users to get lost in the several options available on the app, and it’s perfectly fine. You want to know your Follower Requests, and we want to show you how. Keep reading to learn how to view Follow Requests on TikTok.

How to See Follow Requests on TikTok

The greatest opportunities of TikTok open up when you make yourself visible to the world and start making short videos on an interesting, informative, or entertaining topic. Only when your account is public can you experience TikTok to its fullest.

But all of this advice doesn’t matter a bit if your account is not public. A private account on TikTok means you want to use your TikTok privately and share your videos only with those you approve of. Anyone can send you a Follow Request, but they will only become your followers after you approve their Follow Requests.

So, how can you see the Follow Requests you have received on TikTok? Simple– by following the steps below:

Step 1: First off, make sure you are logged into your TikTok account.

Step 2: After logging in, head to your TikTok inbox by tapping on the Inbox icon at the bottom panel.

Step 3: As you land on your Inbox section, you will see the Follow Requests panel at the top of the screen. If you have any pending follow requests you have not seen yet, a red dot will be present near the right side of the screen with the number of requests mentioned beside it.

see follow requests on tiktok

Step 4: Tap on the arrow next to the red dot to see your Follow Requests.

Step 5: You will find a list of all your pending requests, each having two options- Delete and Accept. You can choose the option you want to accept or reject each request.

see follow requests on tiktok

How to send a Follow Request on TikTok

You can send Follow Requests to anyone you want. If the person you wish to follow has a public account, you will become a follower immediately. If they have a private account, you will become a follower if they approve of you.

Follow the below steps to send a follow request on TikTok:

Step 1: Open TikTok and log into your account.

Step 2: Navigate to the Discover tab and tap on the search bar at the top. Search for the user you want to follow.

see follow requests on tiktok

Step 3: Select the correct user from the search results, and go to their profile page.

Step 4: Tap on the Follow button below their profile picture and username.

see follow requests on tiktok

How to make your TikTok account public?

You can change the privacy options of your TikTok account and make it public if you like. As discussed before, making your account public will allow you to enjoy all the features of the platform.

Once you make your account public, people can follow you without requiring your approval. Your videos will be visible to the world so that you can show your creative talent to the world.

So, in case you ever want to break free of the limitations of a private TikTok account, here is how to do that.

Step 1: Open the TikTok app and log into your account.

Step 2: Go to your profile section by tapping on the Me tab at the bottom-right corner of the app screen.

Step 3: Tap on the hamburger icon (the three parallel lines) at the upper-right corner of the profile screen. A floating menu will appear with a few options.

see follow requests on tiktok

Step 4: Select the option Settings and privacy.

see follow requests on tiktok

Step 5: On the Settings and privacy page, tap on Privacy.

Step 6: The Privacy page contains several privacy-related options. But for now, you need just one of them. You will see the Private Account option under the heading Discoverability. Tap on the slider next to this option to disable the option.

see follow requests on tiktok

Step 7: The Switch to public account dialog box will appear, telling you about the changes that will occur once you go public. After reading the instructions carefully, tap on Switch.

Can you hide your Followers and Following lists on TikTok?

Since we are talking about private accounts and followers, it seems fit to include this question in this blog.

Your Followers List on TikTok is not something you can hide, as it is already hidden. TikTok doesn’t directly allow you to hide your Followers list from other people. However, you can only hide your Followers List by making your account private.

We have a better solution regarding the Following List, as TikTok allows users to hide their Following List. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open TikTok and log into your account.

Step 2: Go to your profile screen and tap on the three parallel lines at the top-right corner.

see follow requests on tiktok

Step 3: Go to Settings and PrivacyPrivacy.

see follow requests on tiktok

Step 4: On the Privacy screen, scroll down a little to find the Interactions section. You will find the Following List option under this subhead.

see follow requests on tiktok

Step 5: Tap on the option and change the visibility of your Following List to Only Me.

see follow requests on tiktok

Closing thoughts

As we approach the end of the blog, let’s recap everything we have discussed.

While we initially started by telling you about the process of viewing Follow Requests on TikTok, we talked about some other topics as well. We discussed how you can send a Follow Request on TikTok and how you can switch your private account to a public account. Finally, we also discussed whether and how you can hide your Followers and Following List.

So, what do you think about this blog? Were we able to help you? Which of the tips did you find the most useful? Tell us all of it in the comments.

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