How to Know if Someone Marked You as Spam on Messenger

Social media has become so prevalent today that life without these sites looks near impossible. People have grown so attached to Facebook that they have its app, website, and even an email account linked to Facebook. With approx 3 billion users on Facebook, this social media has secured the first position in terms of the most active social media accounts on the internet.

know if someone marked you as spam on messenger

Facebook has a plethora of exciting features that keep users engaged on the site, but one thing that particularly attracts our attention is Messenger.

If you have been using Facebook for a while, you might have come across this messaging app that enables people to send messages to their Facebook friends on the go. You can download it on your Android and iOS and connect with your Facebook friends within this app.

Social media also has robust security protocols that make it easy for people to stay connected with the rest of the world while ensuring their safety.

Spam, for example, is one such feature that enhances your security.

But what if someone marks you as spam on Messenger? How do you know if you are being spammed by someone? Let’s first understand what this feature is for, and later we will discuss some easy tricks to know who has marked you spam on Messenger.

What is Spam on Messenger?

If you have a public account on Facebook and you post something that might hurt a user’s sentiment or is against someone’s cultural norms, they can mark your post as spam. But what exactly does it mean? As mentioned above, people mark a post or a person spam when they no longer want to stay connected to this person. Suppose you find a post on Facebook that is against your beliefs or something that’s simply annoying; you can mark it as spam so that it’s no longer visible to you.

It’s important to note that while the posts marked as spam won’t be visible to the person who has spammed the post in question, they won’t disappear for others. Others can still see it. Of course, if many people have marked a post or a Facebook user spam, Facebook will take action — look into the account to see if it has violated the privacy policy. You can also mark comments posted by someone on your post as spam, especially if you think someone is spreading hatred or posting negative comments. These comments will no longer be visible to others, but you can see them.

How to Know if Someone Marked You as Spam on Messenger

Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell if someone has marked you as spam on Facebook. The only way to know that your post has been marked spam is when Facebook deletes it or removes it temporarily for violating its privacy policy. Then again, you only get a notification for your post being removed from Facebook when a bunch of people have reported you as spam and blocked or unfriended you on Facebook.

The company has implemented a set of the privacy policy and safety guidelines that each user is supposed to abide by. When someone breaks this policy, they will be subject to a penalty. Their account might get suspended, or Facebook might restrict their access to certain features.

As far as the notification is concerned, you are not notified when your account gets reported as spam by a Facebook user. So, there’s no way you can know if somebody has reported you as spam, let alone the list of the people who did it. You can know you are marked as spam by many users when Facebook sends you a notification about it. They will ask you to remove the particular post from your account or stop sending harassing messages to a user.

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