How to Hide Phone Number in Whatsapp Group

Whatsapp is one of the secure and reliable messaging apps that connects people from all parts of the world. No matter where you are, you can always text your friends and family on Whatsapp to keep them up-to-date about your whereabouts. However, considering the increasing number of security issues happening on Whatsapp, the company has taken privacy quite seriously, more now than ever before.

hide phone number in whatsapp group

Still, there are a few things that people wish Whatsapp had allowed for better security. Take Whatsapp groups, for example. It’s not surprising that people keep getting added to random Whatsapp groups every now and then. They get added intentionally by clicking on the links sent by the Whatsapp group admin or unintentionally by someone who knows them. Either way, the biggest dilemma people face is their mobile number getting revealed to everyone involved in the group. The question is, how do they hide this number from people?

Of course, the easiest way is to leave the group. The three dots in the group chat has an exit option that allows you to leave the group permanently. But, that won’t protect your number from getting displayed to those who are part of the group. Besides, sometimes you don’t want to leave the group. What if the group is about some cool lifestyle hacks, the latest gossip, cooking recipes, or your work or school stuff? This leaves us wondering, “how can someone be a part of a Whatsapp group without getting their mobile numbers leaked to the users.”

How to Hide Phone Number in Whatsapp Group

WhatsApp has always taken its users’ security seriously. Till now, there was no way you could hide your phone number in a group. If you were part of the group, you had to accept that your number would be visible to everyone in the group. While there’s nothing wrong with the number being disclosed to others, there can be a bunch of random people in the same group. Besides, you never know which user has what intentions.

Anyone can save your number and misuse it. WhatsApp released this function due to the growing concern of harassment, stalking, and other problems. The app has finally launched a new option that enables people to hide their number from others members of the group. You don’t have to download a third-party app. WhatsApp has a built-in tool, allowing you to hide your details from the group. Without further ado, let’s get straight to the steps.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your Android or iOS device

Step 2: On the top right corner of your mobile screen, you will see three vertical dots. Click on this icon and select Settings.

Step 3: Under your profile, there is a list of options. Click on the first one, “Account.”

Step 4: Click on the “privacy” option.

Step 5: In the “about” option, change your settings to “My Contacts” or “nobody” to hide your Whatsapp number from strangers in Whatsapp.

The Whatsapp team has recently added this feature to protect people’s privacy and ensure that they don’t have to show their numbers and private details to anyone except people from their contacts. If you don’t want to show your number to your contacts either, just select “nobody” from the list, and there you go! The above steps will hide your number from Whatsapp contacts. The next time you get added to a random group, the last thing you have to be worried about is someone finding your number from the group and misusing it.

Alternative Way to Hide Phone Number in Whatsapp Group

There is another trick for hiding your Whatsapp number from people in your group, just in case the above method doesn’t work. For this method, you need a new SIM. Basically, you can join just about any Whatsapp group with your new number and keep the main calling number hidden.

For those who are like others to know that they have changed their mobile number, Whatsapp has a feature that allows you to do that without you having to add each contact and send them a message from a new number manually. Here are the steps for using this method for hiding your contact number from your Whatsapp group.

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