If You Block Someone on WhatsApp Can They Still Call or Message You on Phone?

Social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, have greatly changed our lives. It allows us to communicate and connect with people from around the world. We can share our thoughts and experiences and debate our passions conveniently. Social media brings people together from different places and backgrounds. But it is not all good. The constant flow of carefully chosen images can make us feel inadequate. For example, on Instagram and Pinterest, we see endless images which have been worked on beyond perfection. This can lead to many self-image issues, especially among teenagers.

if you block someone on whatsapp can they still call or message you on phone

 We also seek approval through likes, and it’s hard to tell our online and offline lives apart. The number of likes on our online posts seems to be our only source of validation, which is extremely unhealthy and dangerous.

Moreover, social media has a big impact on society. It’s a platform for activism and change, helping people raise awareness about important issues. But it can also spread false information and fuel negativity.

So, as you can see, Instagram has negative and positive side effects. However, isn’t that the case with almost everything else? As long as one is moderate in their approach and reasonable with the usage, it’s highly unlikely that social media will negatively affect their life.

Also, social media platforms have undertaken various measures to minimize the risks while still being a fun experience. A great example of an intimate social media platform is WhatsApp.

While it can be better described as a social media messaging service, WhatsApp is the perfect example of networking while keeping it intimate and non-stressful. In today’s blog, we will discuss if someone can still call/message you on your smartphone after you’ve blocked them on WhatsApp.

If You Block Someone on WhatsApp Can They Still Call or Message You on Phone?

Let’s answer your question: if you block someone on WhatsApp, will they still be able to call and message you on your phone? The answer is yes, they will. This is because WhatsApp is just a social media platform. Even if you block them there, they still have your phone number, which they can use to contact you.

Still, you don’t have anything to worry about. All smartphone operating systems offer the option to block a contact. You can also block a contact to prevent them from being able to send SMSs to you.

Let’s backtrack and get to the part where you block someone on WhatsApp. Firstly, why did you block someone on WhatsApp? This question is important in discovering if you want them to be unable to call or send you an SMS.

You see, nowadays, there are two reasons why people block someone on WhatsApp. Reason one is that the blocked person did something to instigate that behavior, or the blocker was just angry at them, which is just as valid.

The second reason is to display annoyance or anger, but not long-term. When people block someone for this reason, they just want the other person to know they are angry. Eventually, They will unblock them once they’re through this rough patch.

While the latter alternative doesn’t seem particularly healthy, it is what it is. What we need to focus on is what this means in this situation.

So, if you block them because you’re done with them and do not wish them to ever contact you, you must block their number everywhere. If you’ve just bought a new smartphone and cannot figure out how to block a contact and how to block someone from sending SMSs, look it up on Google.

Regardless of how new or old your model might be, you’ll find the right process to follow there.

Now, if you’re someone from the second category, you already know what you will do. It doesn’t make sense to block their number and SMS, as they’ll have no way left to apologize to you.

Instead, let them understand and process their mistake; then they’ll call you, and this would be nothing but a minor hitch in your relationship/friendship with them.

Now that we’ve covered the why, let’s move on to the how. How can you block someone on WhatsApp, and what are the consequences of doing so?

Here’s what happens when you block someone on WhatsApp

Blocking is considered to be one of the most efficient features on WhatsApp. It allows users to cut someone off as if they never existed on the platform without leaving them an alternative to bother them again. When you block someone, they will no longer be able to send you messages or make calls to you.

They also can’t see your online status, last seen, profile picture, bio, or status updates. Any messages and calls that they make out to you won’t be registered to you; you won’t know they’re trying to contact you.

Blocking someone essentially severs communication with them on WhatsApp, making it as if you’re not on the platform for that person. Sounds pretty neat, won’t you agree?

Here’s how to block someone on WhatsApp

Here’s how you can block someone on WhatsApp

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your mobile phone.

Step 2: Now that you’ve automatically been taken to the Chats tab. Here, locate your chats with whoever you’re looking to block.

Step 3: Once you’ve found and opened their chat, you’ll need to tap on the three-dots icon at the screen’s top right.

Step 4: Select More on the first menu and Block on the second. Now, you’ll get the option to also report their account to WhatsApp if you feel like they’re a threat to the WhatsApp community.

And that’s it! You no longer need to worry about this person bothering you on WhatsApp.

In the end

WhatsApp is among the most popular social media messaging services available on the market today and all thanks to its relentlessly efficient service. Throughout the years, WhatsApp has proven its value to its users over and over again in more ways than one.

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