If You Block Someone from Seeing Your Story on Snapchat Will They Know?

Wild nights, crazy parties, and absurd filters—everything beyond crazy goes easily to our Snapchat stories. It’s the heartbeat of youngsters and the headache of most parents! But one thing’s certain: Snapchat remains a raging platform among youngsters. This iconic Ghost logo app only allows communication via personal messages, making it a world of random snaps and funny voice notes that often lead to rounds of laughter. Also, no camping under a friend’s post, no laughing reactions to make fun of them because there’s no feed!

if you block someone from seeing your story on snapchat will they know

However, their stories go beyond making up for everything; users make the most of it. Now, we’re here to address an often-asked question that Snapchat users have. They ask if you block someone from seeing your story on Snapchat, will they know?

Are you curious about it, too? If so, why don’t you follow along and check out the answer?

If You Block Someone from Seeing Your Story on Snapchat Will They Know?

Remember, Snapchat will not notify your contacts when you block them from seeing your story! If you were thinking differently, kindly relax.

However, just because your Snapchat contact hasn’t received an official confirmation doesn’t mean they won’t get a hunch. Yes, that’s right. Although the individual may not have an idea, they can just hunt for hints and workarounds to draw some solid conclusions.

We’ll mention these cues so you are prepared to confront the situation if ever the need arises. If you want to know about those hints, please go to the next parts.

They suspected it

We understand the nervousness you could experience while sharing a Snapchat story and blocking someone from seeing it. But, with Snapchat out of the question, nobody will even be aware that you shared a story!

They could ask you if they suspect you have uploaded a story, but they cannot access it. Moreover, they’ll only pose this question to you when you share a story every day, or at least most days, without fail! So, they’ll be suspicious if your stories stop appearing, won’t they?

Now, when they ask you, you can deny adding any stories to your account! The issue will be resolved right away! However, stumbling and fumbling will simply offer them more grounds for suspicion, so try to act certain when you’re questioned about it.

Mutual friends informed them

Who among our contacts hasn’t signed up for Snapchat? Everybody you know is on the app, sending selfies and random photos to not let the streak break, right? The app has paved its way to almost every smartphone in our homes.

Having so many contacts also means we have a lot of mutual friends on the platform. So, most likely, a common friend discussed your recent story with the person you hid your story from.

If that’s the case, the person will have solid evidence that you’ve blocked them from viewing their story!

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