If You Block Someone from Seeing Your Story on Instagram Will They Know?

Instagram—our virtual memoir—is where we document all the colors of our lives. One thing is for certain: People enjoy updating their stories frequently with details about their daily experiences. Our stories are always lively, whether it’s behind-the-scenes peeks at photo shoots or bite-sized insights into anything we’ve been working on. But not every moment of our lives is meant for the public eye, isn’t it? Some are private, intimate, and only disclosed to a small group of close friends and family.

if you block someone from seeing your story on instagram will they know

Instagram includes an option called hide story from that enables you to choose which users you want to share your story with. Have you tried this feature yet? If you shake your head no, please reconsider since you’re losing out on a lot of privacy you may have otherwise achieved.

In today’s blog, we’ll talk about one of the often-asked user queries. More specifically, if you block someone from seeing your story on Instagram, will they know?

If You Block Someone from Seeing Your Story on Instagram Will They Know?

Let’s clear up the confusion: Instagram doesn’t alert users when you hide them from your story. So, to answer your question, if the app doesn’t notify, the person will never know of it directly.

But how did all this sudden confusion emerge? Perhaps you are a wishful thinker who constantly imagines what-if situations, or you have really experienced a situation where somebody saw your story even after being blocked.

Well, both scenarios are possible. Below, we’ll look at scenarios when an Instagram user can still be able to access your story even after you have hidden it from them.

They use a fake account

The use of fake or spam accounts on Instagram has become a common issue. Unfortunately, every social media network is experiencing a similar problem; it’s not just Instagram.

So, if you have blocked a person from viewing your story, don’t you think they can use their fake accounts to view it? That pretty much explains why people are still able to access your story even after being blocked.

If your account is currently public, immediately switch it to private! You may now remove the followers you are skeptical about. Private accounts don’t often deal with these issues since they accept or send a follow request to people they generally know or, at the very least, have heard of.

A mutual friend told them about it

Now, this reason is something not even private accounts can escape from! If you’ve been on Instagram for a long while, can we assume you share at least one mutual friend with the person you hide your story from?

Who knows, one of them snitched on you and told the person about the story you posted? Now, only you would know the intentions behind this act! So, once you have solid evidence that one of your mutual friends was involved, you can confront them.

Someone reposted your story

We mention our friends in our stories and repost them when they tag us, right? These features make Instagram stories more interactive in nature. People react to our stories and leave funny comments behind, and that’s another crazy thing.

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