If You Block Someone on Snapchat, How Can They See Saved Messages When They Can’t Search for You?

Snapchat is quite a unique platform with unseen concepts and features. No one ever imagined that an app letting users remove all traces of their media and chats would become so famous. As a general rule, such platforms are reduced to one website only due to the high estimated amount of explicit activity. We’re sure that at the time of Snapchat’s launch, there must be people who didn’t believe it would become a legitimate social media platform. But as we all know today, they must be pleasantly surprised to learn how it turned out.

if you block someone on snapchat, how can they see saved messages when they can't search for you

With nearly 500 million daily active users, Snapchat mainly targets users ranging from 13-25 years of age. Due to its spontaneity and potential for creativity, it is the most preferred social media app among teenagers. Just go to a public place like a park or a café; you’ll hear the tell-tale Snapchat snap received notification in less than ten minutes!

On Snapchat, image/video snaps are the primary mode of communication, with many options to decorate your snaps. They are meant to disappear as soon as the other person sees them; that’s the main concept of the platform. You have total privacy, as not even Snapchat can access your chats.

Of course, when users started requesting an option to save snaps, Snapchat had no option but to oblige. So, now, you can allow your friends to save your snaps in chat and even their gallery!

Besides that, there are many features like bitmoji, friends list, Snap Map, Discover, Spotlight, and games to ensure that users can spend hours on the app. Saving the best for the last, snapstreaks have us hooked; the longer your streak is, the better your relationship with that person is.

Today’s blog will discuss if a blocked user can still see all your saved messages, even if they can’t search for you.

If You Block Someone on Snapchat, How Can They See Saved Messages When They Can’t Search for You?

Online privacy and safety are of utmost importance since the lack thereof can harm us in more ways than one. Not only can our personal data play against us in the hands of ill-wishers, but communicating with such negative people can also largely impact our mental health!

If you’re wondering if someone can see the chats between the two of you after you’ve blocked them, the answer is yes; they easily can.

It doesn’t matter if they can’t search for you; the chats will be in their chats tab itself. Snapchat has strict reforms in place for your protection, but rules are rules; you can’t have it all by default.

When you block someone on Snapchat, they immediately disappear from your network on the platform. However, if they’ve saved your chat, then those will be visible to them even after being blocked.

There are a few ways to prevent this from happening, and we’ll discuss them in detail moving on. However, we’re sorry if they already have the saved chats and you’ve blocked them because there is nothing you can do about it now.

If it is such a big deal, you’ll need to contact the Snapchat team to let them know the extent of the issue. When the Snapchat team finds that it’s indeed a big issue, they might try to delete the chats, but it’s best not to have too much hope there.

When you’re about to block someone, it’s best to think it over. It’s not pleasant to be blocked, so it’s best to avoid doing so unless necessary. While it might sound bad, the best way to deal with someone is to tell them what the problem is instead of ghosting them.

They’ll feel bad, but at least they’ll get over it with the closure instead of wondering what went wrong with you.

Moving on, here are some measures you can take to ensure that you never reach a point where your private data is at risk.

Let’s say you’ve started talking to someone new on Snapchat and would like to continue doing so. Although nothing in their demeanor has tipped you off that, they might be dangerous; it’s still best to be cautious.

Set messages to disappear: One of the clearest ways to set boundaries is to set your chats to disappear after a certain time limit. This is an obvious signal that while you love talking to them, you love your privacy more.

Here’s how to set messages to disappear on Snapchat

Step 1: Open Snapchat on your smartphone and go straight to your Chats tab.

Step 2: Long press on your chats with the user you wish to block; a pop-up menu will materialize.

if you block someone on snapchat, how can they see saved messages when they can't search for you

Step 3: Tap on Chat Settings and tap on the Delete Chats… option.

if you block someone on snapchat, how can they see saved messages when they can't search for you

Step 4: You’ll see two options- After Viewing and 24 Hours after Viewing. Tap on whichever works best for you, and you’re all done!

if you block someone on snapchat, how can they see saved messages when they can't search for you

Discuss not saving the messages with them: If setting the messages to disappear seems too robotic and cold, we understand. A better option would be to simply discuss this with them over text.

If you ask them not to save the chats you send them, you’ll have nothing to worry about. And, of course, should they start saving the messages, you’ll always be able to tell due to the single grey highlight.


Today’s blog discussed whether or not a blocked Snapchat user can see your saved messages, even though they can’t search for you. The answer is that they can. If they’ve saved the message, they can always see it; they can’t send you any new ones.

You can’t do much about this; this isn’t a common issue that people have problems with. Try contacting the Snapchat team for assistance; if the situation is dire enough, they might just have to delete the messages.

However, for future reference, it’s best to avoid getting into a situation where a user can access your chats like this. You can set the messages to disappear after a particular period or talk to them about it. It’s not a big deal; no one wants their data to be in anyone else’s hands.

If you’re in this situation and want some advice, we’d readily help you in the comments below!

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