What Do Red, Purple and Blue Color Mean on Snapchat Message History?

Snapchat is trendy and different from any other social networking platform you might be using. You must have seen that there is no need to scroll on the platform, right? You would feel as though you needed to change your glasses and learn the basics of the app when you sign up on this platform. The app might give you the impression that you might need some time to get used to it, but that isn’t always the case. The appeal of this platform is how many untold stories you can communicate to others via photos.

what do red, purple and blue color mean on snapchat message history

You can quickly record yourself or capture a photo or video, apply filters, and add a caption before sending it to your friends. The app is known for being easy to use, which might not always be the case.

Emojis and colors on Snapchat are a representation of several features on the platform. You cannot, therefore, ever take them for granted.

It can be a little challenging to understand these things, though, if you don’t pay attention to them. But you’re in the correct spot because, with our help, you’ll pick up app jargon like a pro in no time. They are easy to understand, but if you still have questions, just know we are here to assist.

What Do Red, Purple and Blue Color Mean on Snapchat Message History?

Do you know what the colors on Snapchat mean? We bet you have at least seen them and are aware of them, even if you don’t fully comprehend them.

If we may add, they provide color to your platform conversations and help break the monotony. The colors vary on the app depending on the type of snap or message you send and how the recipient reacts to it.

You will find it interesting to learn that occasionally, even a minor modification to your snap-sending method could completely change the color of these arrows on the platform. In this section, we will specifically discuss the red, purple and blue color on Snapchat message history.

So, are you ready to get into the world of colors on this platform? Let us discuss each of them individually below.

Color 1: Red

The red-colored arrows on the platform indicate the snaps exchange between you and your friends. The red-filled arrow indicates that you have sent a snap to that person. The arrow has a delivered tag next to it if it is all red.

The empty red arrow with the opened tag next to it will only be visible if the receiver has already seen the snap.

These pictures and videos should contain no sound.

You can also notice an arrow with a red border and a circle of tiny red arrows around it on the platform. It appears when someone has viewed and taken a screenshot of your muted image or video.

You receive red-filled boxes instead of arrows when people give you no-audio clips or photographs. When you open these boxes to view the snaps, they transform into red-bordered boxes.

You will see round red rings-like structures with an arrow when your friends replay the no-audio snap you send them.

Color 2: Purple

Purple-colored arrows indicate that someone hasn’t yet watched a snap video you sent them via chat on the platform with audio. Please note that these purple-colored arrows become hollow as soon as they open your audio snaps.

You will see an arrow with a purple border and little purple arrows all over it if the recipient of your snaps takes a screenshot of these audio snapshots after viewing them.

Next, there are purple-filled boxes when you receive a snap with a video and audio, but you haven’t opened them yet.

Finally, you have purple ring structures on the platform. The purple circle with an arrow or ring-like structure denotes that the recipient has replayed your audio snap.

Color 3: Blue

You have texted someone using Snapchat if you see a blue colored arrow in their message history. The blue-filled arrow means that you have sent them a message that they haven’t viewed yet.

The blue arrow has a white center/blue-bordered if the person views the message on the platform.

A blue-filled square appears when a pal sends you a message. The blue square is empty when you open the message.

The empty blue arrows have three arrows surrounding them when your friends snap a screenshot of your chat. It has blue arrows with little arrows when you take a snapshot of the chat.

In the end

We have reached the end of our discussion, so let us take a moment to reflect on what we have learned today. We discussed the meanings of red, purple, and blue in our Snapchat messaging history.

Snapchat uses several colors to notify users of specific actions. Therefore, the sooner you become familiar with them, the better it will be for you.

Please read the entire blog because we have addressed this question in-depth. We hope you are now familiar with the color codes and their meanings. So, we hope you don’t get confused when you see them the next time!

Did you find the answers you were looking for? Don’t forget to leave a comment. You can keep up with our website for further intriguing tech-related content.

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