Does Single Grey Tick on Whatsapp Mean You Have Been Blocked?

What’s your go-to app for instant messaging your friends and family? WhatsApp is the one for us, and we believe many of you will agree! The app is quite low maintenance if you are to ask us! You need to install the app, set it up, and begin the journey. You can audio/video call someone, send them a message, and create groups too. And do you know what the requirements are for doing all this on the platform? Well, a stable internet connection, and that’s pretty much it!

does single grey tick on whatsapp mean you have been blocked

The app is safe, but your safety also lies in your hands. You must not add random contacts or give your number to just anyone. Besides, scam calls are common on the platform.

However, we are here with a different problem that WhatsApp users are facing. They are confused about whether a single grey tick on the app means they have been blocked!

What do you think about it? Are you looking for answers too? Well, be prepared to read the blog until the end to get the answers you were seeking.

Does Single Grey Tick on Whatsapp Mean You Have Been Blocked?

We block contacts online all the time, so it is not a new concept anymore. However, that doesn’t mean someone blocking you out of the blue one day doesn’t hurt.

We know you are suspicious of your WhatsApp contact blocking you because your messages only received a single grey tick in their inbox. We will help you figure out the answers in this section, so be there with us.

According to WhatsApp Help Center: Any messages sent to a contact who has blocked you will always show one check mark and never show a second check mark.

One check mark indicates the message has been sent, and the second check mark indicates the message has been delivered. So, yes, we agree this is one of the indicators that your contact has blocked you!

But you must couple this possibility with other cues to see if the person has really blocked you on the app. Let’s first discuss some of these cues below.

You cannot see their display picture

Go to the person’s chat and look to the left of the screen! Do you see the person’s profile picture? Is it blank, or do their photos show here?

Well, you see, if you see it blank, there is a possibility that you are blocked. However, it can also mean that the person hasn’t updated their profile picture.

Their last seen is not visible

One of the first few indicators when a person blocks you comes in the form of the person’s last seen status. We can see when a person was last active on WhatsApp if they haven’t disabled this feature on their privacy settings. You can open their chats, wait for a second, and see the last seen status under their names.

You cannot see their story update

We post stories on WhatsApp to update our contacts about our random thoughts of the day or post a picture or video we took. However, you will not get these story updates from someone who has blocked you on the platform.

However, you need to confirm these facts as well. Ask a mutual friend if they can see the target individual’s stories and then decide.

We hope these blocking indicators were clear to you! Please note that we cannot jump to conclusions and limit ourselves to thinking of this possibility! Why you may ask!

Well, to set the record straight, there is more than one reason why your WhatsApp displays a single tick! We know you are confused, but we will explain them below for you to see things in a new light.

They have turned off their phone

You sent a message to a friend, but the single grey tick won’t go away even after a while? Now you wait for it to at least turn into two checkmarks, but seeing it doesn’t happen conjures different thoughts in your head.

However, we would like to stop you before you proceed to make up different scenarios. The single grey tick is solely an indicator that the messages are sent but not delivered to the person in question, right?

So, it may mean that the person has their phone turned off at that moment. Now, you need to wait for their phones to turn on for your messages to get through.

You can also cross-verify this reason by giving them a call! If the call rings and they pick up, you need to test out a different theory we recommend below.

They are not connected to the internet

WhatsApp won’t run unless you have internet connectivity, and we believe you are aware of this criterion. Hence, this might be another reason why you can only see a single grey tick.

Your messages are only sent to the WhatsApp server and are yet to get delivered to your contact! You can call the concerned person on WhatsApp to test it out too. Does the calling message change to ringing?

If it does not, then their internet connectivity is disabled! You must wait for them to turn it on to receive the call or change the single grey tick to double ticks!

In the end

With this, we have decided to wrap up our discussion. So, let’s revisit the topics we have explored in the blog.

We discussed whether a single grey tick means a person has blocked you on WhatsApp! We have elaborated on a few other indicators that might tell you if you are blocked.

We also mentioned two reasons you see a single tick, so you must consider those possibilities. We hope you have understood the sections clearly!

Please write your comments for us, so we know your thoughts on the blog. If you have any questions, you can ask us right away! Also, follow us for more tech-related topics.

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