If You Block Someone on Instagram and They Delete Their Account Will They Display in My Blocked List?

In the world of social media, privacy and control over one’s online interactions are paramount concerns for users. Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms, offers a variety of tools to help users manage their online experience. One such tool is the ability to block other users, which restricts their access to your content and prevents them from interacting with you.

if you block someone on instagram and they delete their account will they display in my blocked list

However, what happens if the person you’ve blocked decides to delete their Instagram account? Will they still be visible in your blocked list?

In this article, we’ll explore the dynamics of blocking users on Instagram and what happens when they delete their accounts. Let’s get started!

If You Block Someone on Instagram and They Delete Their Account Will They Display in My Blocked List?

Before delving into the nuances of blocking and deleted accounts, it’s essential to understand how Instagram’s block feature works. When you block someone on Instagram, several key things happen:

Content Visibility

The person you’ve blocked can no longer view your profile, posts, stories, or any other content you share. This includes both past and future content.


The blocked user cannot send you direct messages or comments on your posts.

Tagging and Mentioning

They won’t be able to tag or mention you in their posts or stories.

Likes and Comments

Any likes or comments they’ve left on your content will be removed.

Search Results

Your profile won’t appear in their search results, and vice versa.


Blocking does not automatically unfollow the person, nor does it prevent them from re-following you if they were previously following your account.

Blocked List

The person you’ve blocked is added to your blocked list, which can be accessed in your settings.

Now, let’s consider the scenario in which the person you’ve blocked decides to delete their Instagram account. When someone deletes their Instagram account, all their content, including photos, videos, comments, and interactions, is permanently removed from the platform. Essentially, their entire digital presence on Instagram is wiped clean.

However, the act of deleting an Instagram account does not necessarily affect how the blocking feature works. In other words, when someone you’ve blocked deletes their account, they will not automatically disappear from your blocked list.

Maintaining the Blocked List

Instagram’s decision to maintain the blocked list even after a user deletes their account is a matter of user privacy and control. Users have the right to manage their interactions and protect their online experience, and Instagram respects this by preserving the blocked list.

This is important because, in the event that the person reactivates their Instagram account, you would still want the block to be in effect. Additionally, maintaining the blocked list helps prevent a user from being re-blocked by someone they had previously blocked.

This persistence of the block list is crucial to ensure that users have consistent control over their interactions and that no one can circumvent the block by simply deleting and reactivating their account.

Reactivation of Deleted Accounts

It’s important to note that people who delete their Instagram accounts can reactivate them later if they choose to do so. In the event of reactivation, their previous interactions and block settings will be reinstated.

This means that if someone you’ve blocked deletes their account and then reactivates it, the block will still be in effect, and they will remain on your blocked list. This is an important consideration for users who have taken measures to block specific individuals due to privacy or safety concerns.

Instagram ensures that these block settings persist even in cases of account deactivation and reactivation.

What happens when an account Is permanently deleted?

Sometimes, users may opt for a permanent deletion of their Instagram accounts, which is different from a temporary deactivation. When an account is permanently deleted, all the data associated with it is permanently removed from Instagram’s servers. This includes all photos, videos, comments, followers, and the account itself.

In the case of someone you’ve blocked who chooses to permanently delete their account, the block settings will also be removed from your end. This is because there is no possibility of reactivation or reinstating the block settings for a permanently deleted account.

In other words, when an account is permanently deleted, the user and their interactions, including any blocks, are completely erased from the Instagram platform. It’s essential to understand that the decision to permanently delete an account is a significant one and should not be taken lightly.

Users considering this option should be aware of the permanent loss of all their data and the fact that they cannot recover their account or any of its contents once the deletion is confirmed.

What happens when you unblock someone on Instagram?

Now that we’ve explored what happens when someone you’ve blocked deletes their account, it’s important to also understand what happens when you decide to unblock someone on Instagram. Unblocking a user is a reversible action and restores their access to your profile and content.

When you unblock someone on Instagram:

Content Visibility

They can view your profile, posts, stories, and other content.


The unblocked user can send you direct messages and comment on your posts.

Tagging and Mentioning

They can tag or mention you in their posts or stories.

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