How Many Instagram Accounts Can You Have With One Phone Number

The growing popularity of social media platforms has changed the lifestyle of many users. Some users – especially those who are in a digital profession – will agree that their social handles are often checked by their clients/employers. And while that might not sound as bad right now, if you’re highly active on the platform, it could become problematic. Suppose you go out clubbing on weekends and wake up hungover the next morning; would you want your bosses or other people you work with to see that? Perhaps not.

many instagram accounts can you have with one phone number

It is for these reasons that a large number of Instagrammers prefer to have separate accounts for personal and work endeavors. Our topic of discussion today also revolves around having more than one Instagram account.

If you were curious about how many accounts could you create using a single phone number, you’re at just the right place. Keep reading to find your answer!

How Many Instagram Accounts Can You Have With One Phone Number?

So, we understand that you’re here to find out how many Instagram accounts you can create using a single phone number; the answer is two accounts.

Wondering why? Well, once your Instagram account has been created, your phone number is required for the two-factor verification. This process is mainly out of security concern, to help protect your account against any potential threat of hacking.

Obviously, the two-factor verification isn’t a mandatory feature on the platform; you can disable or enable it from your end. However, Instagram strongly recommends all users to enable it for the safety of their data and creations.

And it is because Instagram allows only two accounts to use a single phone number for this verification process; it won’t allow you to use the same number for a third account in any case.

If you try doing that, you’ll get a message about using a different phone number in the process.

Do you necessarily need a phone number to create an Instagram account?

Now you’re asking the right question. While Instagram limits a phone number’s registration to only two accounts, you can still create a third one for yourself.

All you need to do is use a different phone number or go with email address registration instead. As you might know, Instagram allows users to register with either their phone number or email address.

Both methods work just fine, but if you might have security concerns in the future, adding a phone number can provide you with an extra layer of security.

How to find out which Instagram accounts are linked to my phone number?

Another question many users have come to us with is figuring out which accounts are linked with their phone number. Well, Instagram won’t help you with it by scanning their directory – it has to be a rather large one.

What you can do to get out of this fix is by logging into all your active Instagram accounts and checking which phone numbers are registered with each of them manually.

We wish there were another, easier way to it, but since there isn’t, it has all come down to you.

How many accounts can you use simultaneously on your Instagram mobile app?

If you’ve read on other websites how Instagram lets you create 5 accounts using the same phone number – not 2 – perhaps they confused your question with this one.

While you can create only 2 accounts using the same phone number, if you’re open to using a different phone number or email address for registration, you can make about as many as you’d like.

So, what did they confuse 5 accounts with? Well, 5 is the number of accounts you can stay logged into – and use simultaneously – on your Instagram mobile app. But what’s the need for that? Well, the age bar for joining Instagram is currently set at 13 years old, but not all 13-year-olds have their personal smartphones.

As you can imagine, half of them browse the platform using their parents’ or elder siblings’ devices. It is to make the arrangement work seamlessly for all that Instagram decided to let users operate multiple accounts from a single app.

However, even this feature has a hard limit. If you’re already logged into 5 accounts on your app and try adding a sixth one, the app will ask you to log out of one first.

The bottom line

As we wrap today’s blog up, let’s quickly discuss all that we’ve learned above.

Our discussion began by talking about phone numbers on Instagram. We addressed how the platform allows you to create two accounts with a single phone number, but not more than that.

If you were looking to create a third one, it could easily be done using a different phone number. For those possessing only one number, going with an email address is also a good idea; you can create accounts on the platform using either.

Toward the end, we talked about the seamless and simultaneous usage of multiple accounts on the Instagram mobile app. If you have more questions about the platform, feel free to explore the Instagram section of our blog!

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