Hinge Most Compatible Disappeared? Here’s Why

Online dating is the new normal and, might we add, very convenient too. We are, however, overrun with options since there are too many online dating apps. You’ve probably tried different online dating apps and stumbled upon Hinge, or this is your first one! Every app has features that lure users in, and for Hinge, their “Most Compatible” feature is that weapon! The app’s algorithm is exclusively designed to find you a match who’s most compatible with you! Hinge uses your information and finds the users based on that for choosing your ideal match!

hinge most compatible disappeared

Do you know what the best part is? Your “Most Compatible” changes every day, yes! So, be ready to encounter new people every day when using the app!

Can you imagine this amazing feature disappearing from your app ever? We can’t, but apparently, it happens on the platform. We don’t want you to delve into this problem by yourself! Let us help you out.

In this blog, we’ll look at reasons why your Hinge most compatible algorithm has disappeared! Let’s get started right away!

Hinge Most Compatible Disappeared? Here’s Why

Losing Hinge’s favorite algorithm out of nowhere wasn’t on our list, but it has already happened. Now, we must look out for the reasons for its disappearance and hope to bring it back on the platform. Read the next sections to know why Hinge won’t show you the Most Compatible feature!

Reason 1: The 24-hour time frame has passed

Hinge users must know that most compatible matches pop up for a day (24 hours) and disappear if you don’t engage with them.

Thus, their disappearance has two reasons: First, the 24-hour window has passed; secondly, you made no effort to contact them on the platform!

Now, if there’s no action taken, Hinge’s algorithm will confirm you’re not interested in the profile and remove it. Once compatible matches disappear, they’re lost for a long while or don’t appear on your Hinge most compatible list at all.

Note, what’s done is done, but next time, you must send them a like to increase your chances of getting matched with them! If they send a like back to you on the platform, voila, you’re a match!

Reason 2: In-app bugs

Technical issues are something Hinge also suffers from. Apps acting up is common knowledge among any users who use them. Thus, it might be why Most Compatible vanished.

While we can’t always say what caused a glitch, we can say that it never lasts very long. Sometimes it fixes itself, and other times you have to take control of the situation.

You can log out of the application, check for available updates, clear the cache, and restart it later. Skip to the next section to know other reasons.

Reason 3: Hinge account deletion

Glitches aren’t the sole reason for most compatible matches vanishing from your profile. Sometimes the reason is as simple as the user deleting their account.

They might have been active when they showed up on your profile, but if they deleted it afterward, their profile would be removed from the platform. Hence, that explains the reason you can’t see them.

Reason 4: Account ban/suspension

Like most dating apps, Hinge has security features to protect their users. If you play smart and go against the Terms of the platform, the app suspends your account or bans your profile completely.

Note, Hinge doesn’t directly take these severe steps and issues a warning initially. You must have committed the mistakes multiple times for them to take this step.

Thus, if you see your Most compatible match disappearing out of the blue, chances are they’ve been banned or suspended from the platform.

Reason 5: You are blocked

That hurts, right? It’s simply another option, but we can’t rule out the possibility! If that’s the case, mend your ways!

Blocking on online dating apps is common, so never take it seriously unless you’re really in the wrong. But, sometimes, you show up on their profile, too, and they might have blocked you. Hence, you can’t see them on the most compatible list anymore!

In the end

That’s the end, Hinge users; it is time to wrap up our discussion.

This algorithm’s beauty is that you meet new people every day. Losing Most Compatible matches might be discouraging, but why not just chalk it up to a bad day and move on? Or, who knows, the one who disappeared might return at some point.

However, we hope our explanations are clear in the blog. If you have more doubts related to this topic, you can use the comments box! We will try our best to answer all of you.

Also, if you’re looking for more Hinge-related topics or questions, feel free to check out our website!

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