If I Delete My Facebook Video, Does it Go Away Even if People Shared it?

Have you ever wanted to remove a video you posted to a social media platform? We bet you have had the urge at least once in your online journey! Imagine posting a video of yourself dancing with pals on Facebook and viewing it to see if your other friends liked it. But what if you abruptly notice that wardrobe malfunction that you were strangely blind to a minute ago?

if i delete my facebook video, does it go away even if people shared it

We take it you watched the video and immediately deleted it? However, a small issue has popped up: the video has been shared.

Now, the only thing on your mind will be: will my deleted Facebook video disappear even if my friends have shared it? We’ve been thinking about this issue a lot, like you, so it’s time to discuss the details. Stick with us until the end to learn about your answer.

If I Delete My Facebook Video, Does it Go Away Even if People Shared it?

Facebook videos that you have deleted will no longer appear on your account, but what happens when others share them? We believe you must be here for this reason, so allow us to explain.

According to the Facebook Help Center, When you delete something you shared on Facebook, it is permanently deleted from your account. It’s deleted from the servers and backup system, so the platform cannot retrieve the deleted content.

We hope that clarifies your query. Let us put it out there for people who still don’t get how it works.

To address your concern, the person who shared your Facebook video can no longer access it. Thus, removing the original post also removes every shared version of it automatically.

But what if they have added a note along with the video, you may ask! Well, if they captioned the video, the text will be visible, but the shared post area will be blank. Remember, the only situation in which the video will persist beyond your deletion is if people have downloaded it. If not, you’ll need to locate the video in question in order to reshare it at a later time.

Potential reasons people delete their Facebook video

Now that we’ve discussed what happens to your deleted Facebook video if others have shared it, why don’t you check out why users delete it? There are various reasons why users take this action, as you may already be aware of! However, we’ve outlined some reasons for an estimated guess.

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