If Someone Hasn’t Added Me on Whatsapp, Can They See My Profile Picture?

Today, we’ll talk about WhatsApp, a digital powerhouse similar to instant messaging. Launched in 2009, WhatsApp got its start mainly based on its immaculate privacy arrangements. Let’s get a bit into exactly what we’re talking about when we say immaculate security and privacy. WhatsApp’s crown jewel, end-to-end encryption, ensures only the sender and receiver can decipher the content of their messages, calls, and shared media. This effectively locks out prying eyes, earning WhatsApp the trust of its vast user base.

if someone hasn't added me on whatsapp, can they see my profile picture

Next, for users who like spontaneity, WhatsApp introduced disappearing messages. It allows you to set a timer on messages, after which they self-destruct. You might’ve seen something like this on Snapchat as well.

For a layer of security, WhatsApp offers two-step verification, requiring users to enter a PIN code. This ensures even if someone gains access to your SIM card, they won’t be able to hijack your WhatsApp account.

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss if someone who hasn’t added you on WhatsApp sees your profile picture.

If Someone Hasn’t Added Me on Whatsapp, Can They See My Profile Picture?

Let’s get straight to the question you’re here for: if someone hasn’t added you on WhatsApp, will they still be able to see your profile picture on WhatsApp?

Well, it sounds like you’re in a situation where you’ve contacted a person on WhatsApp, but they haven’t added you back yet. So, now you’re wondering if they can still see your profile picture. The answer is that it depends on the privacy setting you’ve set for your account.

WhatsApp is an extremely popular social media messaging service, and it didn’t get there by not allowing its users some extra privacy measures. So, here, you can select exactly who can see your profile picture and hide it from everyone else.

Here’s how to change your profile picture visibility on WhatsApp

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your smartphone device; this will immediately bring you to the app’s Chat tab.

Step 2: Here, you need to tap on the three-dots icon at the top right corner of the Chats page.

Step 3: Select the last option on the little drop-down list called Settings to go to the Settings page.

Step 4: Privacy is the option you need to select to proceed. On the privacy page, under Who can see my personal info, select Profile photo.

Step 5: Here, you have four options- Everyone, My contacts, My contacts except…, Nobody.

Choose whichever options work best for you. For most users, My contacts provides the best amount of privacy without making them appear excessively secretive.

For instance, let’s talk about the scenario: if someone has added you on WhatsApp, will they now be able to see your profile picture?

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