Funny Responses to “Lmao” In Texting

Hey, budding comedians and texting junkies! You probably enjoy talking to your pals online, but isn’t the feeling of cracking successful jokes that make them laugh their asses off so delightful?

funny responses to lmao in texting

Well, imagine making a great dad joke and sending it to them to receive an LMAO in reply! Now that the laughing has started, it’s up to you to keep it continuing.

That’s what we’re getting into today. So, today, we’re here to explore the world of funny responses to “LMAO” texts if you’re stuck and don’t want the conversations to end. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive right in!

Funny Responses to “Lmao” in texting

Many times, an LMAO response can lead to an end in conversations or a simple laughing emoji because, well, what do we reply? Has it ever happened to you?

Well, what matters is that you keep the chuckles alive and turn those moments of hilarity into memorable exchanges! Let’s see how we can do that in the upcoming sections below.

Care for some quick wit and clever comebacks?

Have you sent a hilariously witty message and gotten that perfect LMAO in return from your best friend? But now you face the ultimate pressure: how to keep up with the onslaught of laughing and continue with the chuckles?

Well, do you know what we suggest? You can come up with quick and witty comebacks! Craft puns and wordplay that will make you the group’s ultimate Miss Funnybone!

So, are you ready to keep up with your resident comedian reputation in your group? Get ready to master the art of quick wit and clever comebacks, then!

Here are a couple of comebacks from our side that you can use:

That’s just my warm-up. Do not miss the encore!

My goal in life: Make people ‘LMAO’ at least once a day. Mission accomplished.

I’m just here to keep the ‘LMAO’ economy thriving

I’m ‘LMAO-ing’ my way through any situation, yikes!

I’ve got a PhD in ‘LMAO’ – Pretty Hilarious Degrees

Did you actually read my texts, dude?

Memes and GIFs for the win

Laughter is the best medicine and a language that speaks to anyone’s heart! If you make others laugh through text messages, take it as a compliment when they reply with an LMAO.

We frequently find ourselves at a loss for words when the laughter has died down, isn’t it? But hey, why not add a few memes and GIFs to bring the humor to a whole new level?

You’ve got a lot of memes and GIFs spread over the internet to show off your expertise in memes! We assure you that these can become people’s go-to comebacks when they want to make people laugh the hardest.

Check your apps like Instagram and WhatsApp for the ultimate memes and GIFs. Also, you can type in memes and GIFs for laughter online to find multiple of them.

Try some inside jokes

We all enjoy sending messages that elicit an outpouring of giggles and the ideal LMAO response! It indicates that the opposite side got your jokes and loved them!

The real kicker, though, is that you already have a bundle of inside jokes like a comic treasure archive just waiting to be released. Oh, and it’s great for keeping the conversation going with your crush!

You know, these inside jokes prove that your bond runs deeper to have a secret language of your own! When you have known the person for a long or have experiences that last a lifetime, revisiting hilarious moments is not difficult.

If these memories were awkward, it could be embarrassing to bring them up, but trust us when we say it could be the perfect response!

You may use something like: Ah! Do you recall what happened that morning? Or It brings back some memories, do you remember?

See if the person recalls it, and if not, indulge in recalling it for them to keep the conversations flowing.

Indulge in some self-deprecating humor

We often think of sending a humorous text message that makes others laugh out loud! Now, the person can be your family member, friend, or someone you just started talking to.

The thing is, you’re bored and definitely don’t want the conversation to end. What would you do in these situations? What if we told you there was something you could do to make the whole thing funnier still?

Try the art of laughing at ourselves. You know, not all of us have the guts to make jokes about ourselves, isn’t it? However, it could be useful in breaking the ice during a chat, and who knows—you might become known for captivating others later on!

Putting the brakes on the chuckles

Everyone in the room right now wants to make the occasional chuckle into full-fledged comedy sessions, but occasionally, the pressure gets to be too much, LMAO!

Yes, we understand it’s important for you to keep it going. Maybe talking to your crush makes your day better, or maybe you just want to develop a closer bond with someone. Well, you sometimes act in this way merely to blend in, isn’t it?

You know, while directing the conversation with witty responses, memes, and jokes works, there are moments when you run out of ideas. You might think that there is nothing at all to say in response to it.

And what about that? That’s alright, too. However, if you really care about it, just respond with a simple “hahaha” or “lol” and let them continue the conversation.

Wrapping it up

That’s it, everyone; enough LMAO for the day! We hope you use our guide to come up with witty comebacks, so start racking your brains for ways to make others laugh!

However, like we said, also remember sometimes, it’s okay to end a conversation because we can’t be comedy gurus all the time, yes? Please use the comment box to share your thoughts on our blog, which we hope you found to be helpful.

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