How to Edit Whatsapp Message Before Forwarding

Until very recently – about 3-4 years – WhatsApp was not a platform with which you’d need help using. It was straightforward texting facilitated by the internet. However, things have changed tremendously since then; if you had taken a 5-year break from WhatsApp and decided to create a new account today, you’d feel confused about most of it.

edit whatsapp message before forwarding

And as if that wasn’t enough, the change is recurring; every new update brings with it a unique feature, a slightly different interface, a quick tool, and so on.

To keep you on top of these changes and help your social media game rank higher, we’re here to answer any and all questions you might have. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about forwarding messages and how they can be altered in the process. Let’s get started!

How to Edit Whatsapp Message Before Forwarding?

We’d get right to the point: You want to know how you could edit a message before forwarding it to someone else, right? Well, we’re apologetic to inform you that such a thing cannot be done directly on WhatsApp.

However, as long as it’s a text message, you have no reason to worry. There is another way of doing that just as easily; instead of forwarding the message in the first place, you can simply copy the message.

Now, go to the chat you wanted to forward it to and paste the message there. You can take as much time as you need to edit the message here, and once you’re satisfied, hit the Send button. That wasn’t so difficult, now was it?

The new changes WhatsApp has recently made in its messaging forwarding feature:

Having established above how editing a WhatsApp message before forwarding it isn’t possible, let’s get you up-to-date with the new things you can now do on the platform. A peak to the brighter side, if you must?

The good news is that you can now forward a picture/video on WhatsApp as it is, along with its original caption. Earlier, only the media files would go forward, but no more!

In addition to this feature, the platform has introduced several others. Let’s check these out, shall we?

Search by Date on WhatsApp Conversations:

 What’s your biggest struggle when you scroll up to old chats on WhatsApp? Searching a particular by trying to remember words from the contents of the message.

WhatsApp understands that and has come up with a new solution – an alternative search tool where you can look up chats by the date. That way, if there’s any date you can easily associate with your memory, you’ll find the messages within seconds. Isn’t that brilliant?

Accessing this feature is super-easy as well. All you need to do is find the search option on the chat, and along with the search bar appearing on top, you’ll also notice a small green calendar icon with a magnifying glass drawn on its side.

This icon is placed at the top right corner of your virtual keyboard. To use the date search feature, hit on this icon, select a date, and jump to it!

Adding Voice Message feature to the Status section:

What kind of statuses do people generally upload on WhatsApp? The funny memes, birthday wishes, occasional videos, etc… but how often have you shared your thoughts vocally here? Just as you would share a voice note with your friend, you know? When you’re down and do not feel like typing anymore.

WhatsApp has brought that feature right to you! Yes, you can now talk to a larger audience at once outside of the chats as well. If you want to use this feature, just head to the Status tab and tap the pencil icon that allows you to create a new written status.

As the Type a status page opens, you’ll find a blue microphone icon placed atop the right side of your keyboard. That’s your key to using the feature.

Status Rings on the Chats tab:

So far, WhatsApp liked to keep its messages and statuses separate for the users. After all, the platform had begun as a messenger service only, not full-blown social media.

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