If You Send a Message on Snapchat and Then Block Them, Can They See it?

Since its inception, Snapchat has been making users scratch their heads in the ever-increasing confusion around the platform’s unique features. Even a decade after its arrival, Snapchat never fails to surprise its users with its distinctiveness, not only because of its unique features but also because of how differently it functions from other platforms.

if i send someone a picture on snapchat then block them, can they see the picture

It doesn’t matter what you want to do on Snapchat. Chances are high that you will get that sense of unfamiliarity.

The platform has deliberately been developed to make it the odd one out. And we users, of all people, know how successful that deliberate attempt has been. Indeed, if there is a social media platform that stands out from the crowd of other similar platforms, it is Snapchat.

If you use Snapchat, you would often find yourself pondering on so many questions to clear your confusion. In this blog, we will mainly discuss one question that concerns an important topic of confusion: blocking users.

If you block someone just after sending them a picture on Snapchat, can they see that picture? Or does the picture disappear after blocking? What changes happen once you block someone on Snapchat? Read on to find the answers to the above questions.

If You Send a Message on Snapchat and Then Block Them, Can They See it?

Mistakes happen with the best of us. Even the wisest can be mistaken at times. Therefore, if you send someone a message or photo by mistake, it’s perfectly normal.

But what if the message or photo contained something you wouldn’t want the other person to see? If you sent a message or picture that was too personal to be seen by that person, you would want the message deleted immediately. And although blocking them might not seem a very polite way to hide the message from them, it certainly is the quickest way to do that.

But is it really that effective?

When you send a message to someone on Snapchat, it may or may not land in their inbox, depending on whether they are online. Now, some interesting cases might arise.

Case 1

If the message landed in the user’s inbox and they went offline before you blocked them, the message might remain downloaded on their phone, and they might see it if they open their Snapchat without connecting to the internet. As soon as they go online, though, the picture and all other messages will disappear.

Case 2

If you blocked the person before the messages landed in their inbox, all your messages would disappear from their Chats tab; hence, they won’t see the message or know about it. Since they won’t be able to search for you directly, they cannot see the messages again so easily.

However, it might be possible for the blocked person to see the chats in one way. Although they won’t be able to search for you directly, they can find you in a different way. If they capture a snap and try to send it to you, they can do it by searching for you from the Send To box.

Final words

If you mistakenly send a picture to someone on Snapchat and don’t want them to see it, you might think about blocking the person. But does blocking them prevent them from seeing the picture you sent?

In this blog, we have discussed the answer to that question, which seems a bit complicated. Since blocking the person hides all your chats with them, they might not see the picture if you blocked them before they saw it. But as described above, they might be able to see the hidden messages if they know the trick. Therefore, it’s best to delete the pictures before blocking the person to minimize the risks.

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