If i Don’t Open Bumble, Does My Location Update?

Location updates are one of the crucial aspects of almost every dating app you have probably ever been on, right? People want to know how far their possible mate is if they ever plan to meet, and it makes sense that they would want to know such details. If all you’re searching for is a casual internet acquaintance or an online fling, it sounds tempting to shoot your shots without knowing just how far the person you’re interested in lives.

if i don't open bumble, does my location update

No matter how dating apps like Bumble update their users’ locations, there are still issues that cloud users’ judgment. Many of us find it unsettling that anyone can always view our location updates on the platform.

Users wonder if their location gets updated if they don’t open Bumble. Jump right in to learn more about this topic to find the answer.

If I Don’t Open Bumble, Does My Location Update?

Let’s cut to the chase-

Bumble doesn’t update your location if you’re not active on the app because the app is offline, and your location remains off at the time. So, you need to sign in or open the app for the platform to display your current location to other users you might be interested in.

You might be curious as to what happens to your location updates if you move while the Bumble app is closed. Let us be clear for you: When you open the app, users will see your most recent location before you choose to close it.

Bumble will display that you are still at your last location, even if you are miles away, because you didn’t open your app. Your location will update to your current location as soon as you are able to login back into the app, skipping any previous stops you may have made.

Please keep in mind that you must enable your location on Bumble and in the device settings in order to utilize the service. After all, the Bumble algorithm would prefer that you activate your location in order to find prospective dates in the area you like.

How to update the Bumble location manually?

You see, the entire purpose of the platform is to track your whereabouts, so manually changing your location is against Bumble’s regulations. However, you can always get help from the support team if you believe there is a bug and your location on the app is incorrect.

Open the app and go to the Contact & FAQ page to report a technical issue. Be sure to describe your problem for the support team to guide you. The team will only ever assist you if there has actually been a bug that has affected your platform’s location settings.

If there haven’t been any such technical difficulties, the Travel mode premium feature can save the day. Premium members are allowed to manually update their location for up to 7 days. There is a limitation to this feature, which is that you can only select one location at once.

The feature is for those who enjoy connecting with others or entering the local dating scene when traveling. So, let’s find out how this premium function works if you have a Bumble premium plan.

Steps to use the Bumble app’s travel mode feature:

Step 1: Launch the official Bumble app on your device.

Step 2: Next, go to Settings (gear icon), which is located in the app’s upper-right corner.

Step 3: You can discover the Travel to option by heading to the location settings option. Please click on it.

Step 4: Now, find the target city and select it.

There you go, you’ve officially changed your Bumble location.


Notably, there are limited methods you can use to falsely claim to be somewhere else if you’re hesitant to pay for a Bumble premium subscription. Although it isn’t permitted, many Bumble users use VPN services to change their whereabouts.

Unfortunately, if you don’t purchase the app’s subscription plan, there isn’t an official way to do this. You can opt for affordable and trustworthy VPNs if you want to manually change your location.

If you’ve decided to move forward with the VPN plan, you can purchase ExpressVPN or NordVPN to assist you in disguising your location.

These VPN services conceal your IP address from prying eyes so you can browse freely on the internet without worrying about hackers tracking your where abouts. No one can block you from accessing the local dating scene once you’re linked to the servers in your selected location.

However, we still urge you to use these services with extreme caution. If Bumble learns about these things, they won’t really like it and may terminate your account if you consistently break their policies.

In the end

You must know that location updates play a premium part if you want to step up your dating game on Bumble. You might get lucky and get a date with someone who lives nearby.

Many dating applications today update a user’s location while running in the background, especially while the app is closed. Rest assured that Bumble is not one of them.

We hope you’ve got the answer you were looking for in the blog. Please let us know whether you have more questions so that we can clarify them once and for all. You can also follow us for more Bumble-related tips and tricks.

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