If All of My Best Friends Have Best Friend Emoji on Snapchat, How to Know Who is My Number 1 Best Friend

The concept of best friends on Snapchat has captivated many users. Many believe that it adds an element of curiosity to the platform. The feature has sparked controversies, but none can deny the sense of competitiveness it instills among users. Fighting for the top spot in the best friend order list can add excitement as well as engagement on the platform.

if all of my best friends have best friend emoji on snapchat, how to know who is my number 1 best friend

However, what if all of your best friends have the best friend emoji on Snapchat? Can you really determine who is your number one best friend on the platform? It can be a bit challenging to determine who your number one best friend is, right?

Well, don’t worry; we are here to help you figure out who among your best friends truly secures the top spot in the best friend ranking. Check out the blog to get your answers!

If All of My Best Friends Have Best Friend Emoji on Snapchat, How to Know Who is My Number 1 Best Friend?

Every Snapchat user is aware that they may have up to 8 best friends on the app, making it difficult to choose who is ranked first. The question is how to choose which of them is your number one best friend.

Before we continue, let’s assist you in locating your best friends list on Snapchat.

Step 1: Tap the profile icon in the screen’s upper left corner.

Step 2: Go to the friends tab and tap the My Friends option.

Step 3: Check out the Best Friends section at the top of the friend list.

There you have it; your list of Snapchat best friends.

You see, there is a particular sequence in which your best pals are listed here, right? If your best friends list just has one column, Snapchat arranges their list from top to bottom. Therefore, your current best friend is the one occupying the top position in the column.

However, many people have two columns for their best friends, and this one functions a little differently. The order of your best friends will start at the top of the left column and work its way down. It will then go to the right column from top to bottom.

The person occupying the top position in the left column of your list of best friends is your number one best friend if it has two columns. We hope you now know who your top Snapchat best friend is.

You have several types of best friends, ranging from regular best friends to super BFFs on the app. Snapchat truly cares about the algorithmic pattern that determines who your best friends are on the platform.

Keep in mind that it is simply impossible to change the order of the best friends list to put someone at the top manually. Before 2018, the answer would have been considerably easier because the app just focused on how much interaction you two had while creating an order list. But since then, a lot has changed, including how this list is meant to be arranged in the app.

The list can only be changed by understanding and experimenting with the Snapchat algorithm. If you are successful, the person you want may win the title of best friend as you had hoped.

How does Snapchat determine best friends’ order?

The application considers a number of factors to provide a list of customized rankings for the best friends ranking. The criteria may change depending on the app developers. but we’ll provide you with a general idea below.


A Snapstreak is one of the most exciting parts of Snapchat that usually keep conversations going. They occur in the form of numbers and flame emoji next to your and your best friend’s name on the chat.

It pops up when you and a friend communicate through snaps for three days in a row within a 24-hour period. Keeping up a long Snapstreak shows that you and your buddy are in regular conversation, which encourages Snapchat to keep them as one of your best friends on the platform.

Frequency of interaction

The frequency and intensity of your interactions with your friend are key components in deciding the order of the best friends.

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