If i Block Someone on Tumblr Will i See Their Posts?

Which platform is your favorite for sharing your passion and talent? Trust us, we know many online platforms spring to mind, but we’re confident that Tumblr has made the cut for many of you. The platform has one of the most vibrant communities of users who hype you and your content, leaving you giddy and satisfied with the work you put out. Right from art to fan fiction and photography to memes, Tumblr can cater to a lot of your interests.

if i block someone on tumblr will i see their posts

But just because you signed up for the platform and had a positive experience doesn’t indicate that you’ll come across nice individuals all the time! Unfortunately, you run into folks who annoy you or who may plagiarise your work!

The only thought that crosses our thoughts when we face such individuals is to block them, isn’t it? However, certain significant points come to mind when we consider blocking someone, which we will cover in more detail below.

Have you ever thought about whether you can see the person’s posts when you block them on the platform? Let’s address this often-asked question and get things straight, shall we?

If I Block Someone on Tumblr Will i See Their Posts?

It seems unbelievable that someone who has been using social media and other internet platforms for such a long time is unaware of the concept of blocking. Most of us have used the block button, and someone has undoubtedly suffered the consequences!

You know what blocking typically does, right? The blocked person and you cannot view each other’s account activities. Indeed, this also applies to Tumblr!

To answer your question, you cannot view their posts on Tumblr! Once you’ve used the blocked button on someone, you automatically stop following them.

Generally, a confirmation prompt appears on the screen when you press the block button. It says that the blocked user will not be able to engage with any of your posts, follow you, send messages, or find you in search results! We hope this message makes it obvious that you won’t receive any updates on the person’s actions on your dashboard.

And honestly, if you want to see someone’s posts later, what’s the use of blocking them? Now that the explanations are clear, would you mind looking at the next parts to learn how to block users on Tumblr?

Users who are unfamiliar with the steps will find it extremely useful. So, shall we have a look at the next sections? Let’s get going.

How to block someone on Tumblr?

On Tumblr, we occasionally find ourselves wanting to block a few users! Now, there can be many reasons for us to take this step.

Have you ever encountered a situation when a stranger just won’t stop sending you odd texts or comments? Blocking them seems to be the best course of action if you want them to quit bothering you.

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