How to See Who Viewed My Story on Wattpad

Be honest! Wattpad was your introduction to the realm of virtual reading, reintroducing you to books when you never used to read back in middle school, right? Not only that, but it has also sparked your passion for writing. The platform’s user base and interactive features offer a setting that is so secure and reader-friendly that it has evolved into many of our initial venues for telling stories.

see who viewed my story on wattpad

Experimentation with stories lies at the heart of this platform. We’re all encouraged to explore new horizons and explore undiscovered genres.

Naturally, it has also evolved into our haven for diverse styles and genres, fostering the birth of original creative geniuses. On this platform, writers and readers have a unique bond since writers thrive on readers’ passion for their works.

So, as a Wattpad author, it only makes sense that you would want to know how to find out who has read your work. Keep checking the blog for the whole explanation since the following sections will surely satisfy your curiosity!

How to See Who Viewed My Story on Wattpad?

As storytellers, we know that a feeling of connection with the reader is fulfilling. You’re not the only one who has wondered how to find out who has read your story on Wattpad.

However, Wattpad does not yet offer any built-in feature that enables you to see just who has read your stories. The platform appears to prioritize readers’ anonymity, making it hard to identify each individual.

One thing that is actually possible is that you can see how many people have read the story. You can see the statistics on your story page, which include the number of readers and other information.

Here’s how you see the number of reads:

Step 1: Launch Wattpad on your device.

Step 2: Go to your story whose read you want to check.

Step 3: Do you see the eye icon with (number) reads under your name?

This is how far your story has reached among your Wattpad audience.

Well, we know this information isn’t what you expect, but let’s look at it this way: Your readers are encouraged to follow your story without any concerns about privacy. But don’t be discouraged; we’ll let you know a few indirect ways that can help a little with that.

Story votes

The core form of engagement on Wattpad is voting, which enables readers to express appreciation for the works of their favorite authors. As a writer, you can request them to vote between your chapters! You can also praise them if they consistently vote; it might inspire other people to do so.

Select your username in the screen’s top right corner if you’re on the website. Now scroll down to view everyone who has voted and select Notifications from the drop-down menu.

Users of the app can access the alerts by clicking on them at the bottom navigation bar’s far right corner. Please note that you can leave a brief comment on the reader’s profile thanking them for reading your story.


Viewing reader comments on stories on Wattpad is possible. The fact that you can now see the reader’s comments is wonderful news, isn’t it?

Readers usually take the time to add their thoughts on each individual chapter, especially if they are excited or there is a particular part they particularly enjoy. This approach allows readers to share their thoughts or how much they appreciated the story, and you may respond. Thus, a sense of community is fostered on the platform.

Knowing who has commented also allows you to customize your responses and accept feedback on your story.

Adding stories to the reading list

You have heard of the usefulness of the reading list feature if you use Wattpad. It’s an easy approach to keep track of your stories and arrange your reading preferences so you can read them whenever you have free time without the fear of losing them.

Wattpad will notify you whenever a writer adds your story to their public reading list. Therefore, if you want, you can simply click on the profile image that shows on the notification and thank them.

We must admit, though, that these methods don’t always work. Why?

The majority of users on the platform are passive readers who rarely go all out to appreciate your story. If you’re a writer, you can tell this by the difference in the number of reads, comments, and votes!

Many individuals frequently forget to like or comment because they are too engrossed in a story, which is not bad. However, you can always include a brief author’s note so readers will be aware of it each time they read a chapter.

Don’t be pushy because it rarely gets results; instead, express gratitude to them for reading your story and, if possible, invite them to share their opinions.

Are you with us, Wattpad authors?

Wattpad has consistently worked hard to close the gap between readers and writers, building an enthusiastic group of book lovers. The platform offers an inviting atmosphere that has drawn more writers to it in recent years.

It makes sense that people would want to know who views their story, but the platform doesn’t do much to provide that information. However, settings always change, so let’s hope the platform eventually becomes more transparent in this regard. Until then, keep writing and tell us your favorite writing genre on the platform.

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