How to Find Clash of Clans Account Creation Date

Ever dreamed you could direct a clan to victory or plan a defense while engaged in combat? Well, that’s the world of Clash of Clans for you! We’ve all spent a lot of time playing it, so we can safely assume some parents aren’t among those who adore the game. The game Clash of Clans has won millions of hearts worldwide and has become a popular pastime for many.

find clash of clans account creation date

You’re not the only one who has felt the rush of excitement when skillfully planning your defenses or effectively leading your tribe to victory. We dabbled in a world where we strike deals, loot wealth, and, well, make our village supreme.

Anyway, now that we’ve given a quick overview of this popular mobile game, why not address a commonly asked topic by users? You’ve come to the right place if you’re one of the many gamers who is curious about how to find the Clash of Clans account creation date. Let’s get right to the specifics right now.

How to Find Clash of Clans Account Creation Date?

We are aware that going down memory lane to remember when you initially joined the game and finding your Clash of Clans creation date may be important to you. However, we must warn you that this voyage will not be easy. Make sure you follow along with us through the parts so that we can assist you.

Have you seen your email yet?

If you’re looking for the date your account was created, you must be familiar with the process. Now, as you think back to those times, you may quickly recollect when you had to sign up using your email address, right?

Your email might be the key to unlocking your account’s creation date. How? So, let’s clarify it! You see, you might be able to use the information from the email Clash of Clans sent you when you originally made your account. Head to your account first and think of your registered email address.

Now, go down to the earliest emails you’ve received from Supercell or Clash of Clans and search using those terms. You must have received your very first email from these accounts when you originally opened your COC account.

If there are no emails in your usual inbox, keep in mind to also check your spam or promotions folder. Your emails may occasionally be redirected to these folders, where they go unchecked.

Check your Google Play Games

We can determine the account creation date through your Google Play games! Yes, so make sure it’s set up on your device.

Even though using Google Play games won’t always provide you with the actual account creation date, they are still quite beneficial. Additionally, having some knowledge is always preferable to none, right?

This strategy requires that you be logged in with your Google Play account. Remember that you can discover several of your achievements occurred on a single day, indicating that you joined your Google Play Games account that day.

Steps to follow:

Step 1: Open the Google Play games on your device.

Step 2: Select Profile from the far right corner of the bottom navigation bar.

You must verify that the same ID that you use to play Clash of Clans is logged in here.

Step 3: Now, go to the Library and tap on Clash of Clans.

Step 4: There is an option titled Achievements. Select it, scroll down to the oldest achievement, and click on it.

Step 5: Here, you’ll find the date when you earned your bigger coffers.

You may use this to find out roughly when you first started playing Clash of Clans.

The Clash of Clans support staff can assist you

If neither of the above methods worked for you, you can contact the Clash of Clans support team. The support team from Clash of Clans is frequently well-prepared to help when you have questions about your account.

Steps to get help from the Clash of Clans support team:

Step 1: Open Clash of Clans on your device.

Step 2: Navigate to your in-game Settings icon. You must tap that cog-wheel icon at the lower right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Do you see the Help and Support button here? Please go ahead and click on it.

Step 4: Scroll down to the bottom and stop when you see the Contact Us button.

Step 5: Click on the Contact Us button and then click on Message Us.

Step 6: You’ll be directed to your Clash of Clans support.

Step 7: Type in talk to a support agent and write access my data in response to their question.

If there are no issues found after the support staff does a security check on your account, your request will be scheduled. Ensure your registered email address is active; they’ll give you the information there. You may fail to receive your data if the email is inactive.

Step 8: After they ask, confirm the process.

Step 9: Your data will thereafter be accessible via your registered email address. You should click the link that Supercell has given you.

Step 10: Scroll down to the details and look to see when your account’s village was created.

You can request the support team for more information on your account creation date and see whether they respond positively to your query.

In the end

You see, Clash of Clans makes it difficult to determine the date your account was created, so you must rely on workarounds to get past the issue. We’ve prepared a few strategies that will undoubtedly be handy to you throughout the course of your journey.

Hence, make sure that you study them to decide which of them benefits you. You can contact us in the comments area if you have any more questions. If there is a need, we will try our best to respond or create a separate blog. Until then, you can check out our website for more interesting blogs.

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