Why Does Walmart Say The User Trying To Submit Review is Opted Out?

Do you frequently shop at Walmart? Well, if yes, you must have attempted to leave reviews, right? Writing about a company’s product or service is a common method to hold companies responsible or share our feedback. After all, transparency and accountability are crucial in our world, don’t you think? Leaving product reviews has become essential to our online lives, and we are all now fine-tuned with the trend. It gives us a way to voice our opinions while also assisting other shoppers in making wise decisions.

why does walmart say the user trying to submit review is opted out

However, recently, Walmart has been facing issues with its review postings. Many of their customers see a message: The user trying to submit a review is opted out.

We’re certain that the reason you’re here is because that issue has affected you, too! Of course, there’s confusion all around due to this error, but fret not; we also have the solutions. Let’s start reading the blog now, shall we?

Why Does Walmart Say The User Trying To Submit Review is Opted Out?

A significant retailer and e-commerce company like Walmart will make every effort to ensure their users have a hassle-free experience. In that case, anyone would be curious to know why Walmart is making it difficult for us to write and submit reviews, wouldn’t they?

Okay, let us explain why the message “User trying to submit review is opted out” appears on your website every now and then.

Are you aware of the problem that retailers and online platforms face due to the availability of fraudulent reviews? Well, Walmart was also severely impacted by this issue.

You may be surprised to learn that 52% of the reviews on Walmart are “inauthentic and unreliable.” We are not saying this out of the blue! Actually, it is a Fakespot statement from back in 2019!

Customers are readily duped by these fake reviews, which threaten the integrity of big businesses like Walmart. We cannot ignore the fact that it also weakens trust in the review procedure as a whole!

As a result, Walmart swiftly intervened to address the issue and protect the sincerity of its customer reviews.

Naturally, you must have done something to cause this issue, and we will assist you in resolving it. Check out the sections below to understand the triggers of the issue.

Are you following the review process attentively?

According to Walmart, product reviews will not be posted if the reviewer does not have experience using the product. Do you understand what that means? You can’t review a product if you haven’t actually bought it.

So, tell us, have you carefully considered the review procedure, which is crucial to ensure that you don’t cause errors? Walmart has posted guidelines for reviewing consumer products here. So, make sure you’re writing a product review in line with it to ensure there’s no error later on.

Remember all product reviews you submit are subject to the conditions stated in Walmart’s Terms of Use. If you don’t follow the regulations, they have the right to decide not to post the review at all.

Does Walmart’s product have review options?

This is one of the unlikely causes, but we cannot rule out the possibility. Check to find out if the product you want to review has that option disabled before we continue to speculate about further causes.

According to Reddit, Walmart is no longer allowing reviews of any product on the website or app. However, this was almost two months ago, so it might no longer be the case. If the situation gets out of hand for Walmart, they may decide to filter out all reviews by disabling them. So, if this is the case, wait for the review option to be turned on again.

Walmart server or application-related issues

We know server-related troubles are common. Like many other large retailers, Walmart occasionally experiences server- or application-specific issues.

These issues can disrupt various aspects of their operations, including their online and in-store services. These app or server-related issues can be a potential cause that may have triggered the error, too.

All you need to do in a server crash situation is wait it out. Wait until Walmart fixes the issue, and the app is back up and running again.

If the issue is not server-related and you are unable to identify the precise issue, you can also contact Walmart here. They are skilled in dealing with these customer-specific problems. Make sure you clearly explain the situation to them and wait for them to respond appropriately.

Why can’t you see your submitted review?

Many of us often wonder why our Walmart reviews never reflect on the website once we post them. It must have happened to you at some point, too, right?

There are typically four ways to submit a product review on Walmart. You can do this by using the following methods:

Their item’s page,

The post-purchase order detail page

Emails asking you to review the things you purchased once your order is filled and,

A link on your in-store receipt. It’s generally for a post-purchase survey.

In case you weren’t aware, fresh reviews on the website often surface within 5-7 business days. You can’t see it primarily reflected there because you submitted it recently. We recommend that you revisit the reviews after the allotted time period has passed.

In the end

This is it, dear Walmart users; we’re here to wrap up the blog. We trust that you now understand the possible underlying causes that could have led to this error.  Please pay close attention to which of the potential causes may have led to this problem and fix it accordingly.

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