How to Transfer Google Play Games Data to Game Center

Games have reached many heights, and so has technology. As an avid gamer, sometimes it does not matter which device you are using to play a game until and unless you have fun with the game and theme you find yourself in.

transfer google play games data to game center

Even though we had to run to the gaming center to play video games in the past, currently, everything is now within our reach. All we need is a data pack, time, and a comfortable place to sit in order to have fun playing video games.

Luckily, we will be addressing that query in today’s blog. We will first understand if transferring Google Play Games to Game Center is possible. If yes, how to go about it, and if not, what are the other alternatives? With that summary, let us get into the details if you are ready.

How to Transfer Google Play Games Data to Game Center?

Google Play Games is an Android application, and Game Center is an iOS application. So, technically, you cannot integrate the data between these two applications.

Even though there are many non-straightforward ways to use Android apps on an iPhone, it is best to use the safest and alternate ways possible.

If the game you have been playing supports social media integrations, you may have a way to start where you left off on an Android device. So, go directly to the game you are currently playing. Check if they ask you to link your account to Facebook.

We do not have a specific step-by-step process to pinpoint the location of the option. That is because each game has a unique interface that does not fall under the exact instructions.

However, generally, you can find the social media account linking opinion in the settings tab, which is usually denoted by the gear icon. Look for that option and find out if your game account can be linked to your social media account.

If it’s yes and you have not linked both your accounts, make sure you do that. Simply click on the linking option, enter your social media account credentials, and combine both accounts.

Now that it’s done, you must install the same game on your iPhone device and use your social media account login. Use the same credentials and account you used to link your social media page with the game on your Android device.

If you do so, you can start the game where you left off without skipping a beat. You do not have to start from scratch just because you upgraded from Android to iOS.

However, if your gaming platform does not allow social media integration, you cannot possibly integrate game account details between Android and iPhone devices.

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