How to Find Someone on Telegram by Phone Number (Search in Telegram Using Number)

Search Telegram by Phone Number: Lately, one app has gained a lot of attention, and that is Telegram, the innovative brainchild of Russian brothers Nikolai Durov and Pavel Durov. An instant messaging service that can process messages speedily, Telegram made its debut in 2013. This messaging software is one of the most feature-rich services available, with cool options that may even put its competitors to shame. 

find someone on telegram by phone number

In addition, the application has shown to be a competent and credible substitute for WhatsApp, one of the leading experts in instant messaging. This messenger service raises the bar of broadcast messaging by offering a range of choices for group sizes that may reach 200,000 individuals. (WhatsApp can only contain 512 users.)

But hey! We’re not here to keep screaming about Telegram’s glories. Today, we’ll discuss a problem that some users, mostly new ones, experience. Let’s speak about one of the topics that people often ask: How to find someone on Telegram by phone?

Provided that you are reading our blog today, we can assume that you have also wondered about this. We’re here to ease any concerns, though. Stay with us to the end to learn more about it.

Save Phone Number on Your Smartphone

Now, the only step you have to take to search for someone on Telegram using their phone number is to save it in your device’s contacts list. If they are registered users, they will instantly show on your Telegram when you add them like your regular contacts. 

But you must remember that your phone contacts and your telegram contacts need to synchronize. Therefore, your first move should be to make sure Telegram’s contact sync option is turned on. It is now time for you to enable it if you haven’t done so.

Android users can access their Settings tab by opening the menu on the left panel on Telegram and choosing the Privacy and Security option. Here, after scrolling down, they will see the Contacts category. They must enable the Sync Contacts option. 

iOS users can get to their Settings tab from the lower right corner, where they can select Privacy and Security. They must turn the toggle on for the Sync Contacts option in the Data Settings category, which they will see here.

Additionally, if the app doesn’t have access to your contact list, Telegram may not be able to sync contacts if you only do this. Therefore, ensure that the app permission for Telegram is also approved. 

Android users can simply long-press on the Telegram logo on their device and head to the App info option. From here, they can head to App permissions and then Contacts

There is no reason to worry if it is permitted. However, if the authorization is refused, you need to grant it. 

If you use iOS, you can find Telegram by going to the Settings menu and selecting the Telegram option. Just turn the toggle on for Contacts, and you are good to go.

However, if the standard approach does not work for you, we are ready to go on to the next step, which will definitely be helpful.

How to Find Someone on Telegram by Phone Number

You need to have Telegram installed and registered before you can conduct a search for someone. A whole list of registered contacts is instantly retrieved from your phone book when you register on Telegram using an Android or iOS smartphone.

But if you’re using your PC, you definitely don’t have a contact list here. As a result, in this situation, you will need to synchronize with a mobile application. The software will then show all of the registered phone numbers after that.

You did note, though, that we used the word “registered” here. Why do you believe we stressed the term so much? 

The contacts that have registered with Telegram are the only ones you will discover on the app. You can also choose to invite them if they aren’t already there. What happens, though, if someone offers you their phone number but you are still unable to locate them on this instant messenger? It is not difficult to find yourself trapped in such minor flaws, and Telegram is aware of this.

You may thus search for them using their phone number, and we’ll explain how to do so in detail below.

Steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Please open Telegram on the device.

Step 2: In the home page/tab, do you see the three horizontal lines on the top left corner? Click on it.

Step 3: The second option in the menu is titled Contacts; select it. You will be whisked to the Contacts tab.

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