Why Are My Views on TikTok Suddenly Dropping?

In an age when most of us spend most of our time working, studying, or completing some other important tasks, our free time has become increasingly limited when it comes to spending time with family and friends or even chilling alone. In such a situation, social media has provided us with an option to keep ourselves updated, entertained, and chilled on the go as we carry on with our hectic lives. Platforms like Facebook and YouTube are often our only sources of entertainment when we don’t have anyone else to spend time with.

why are my views on tiktok suddenly dropping

Social media platforms comprise much of our leisure time, and platforms like TikTok have introduced us to a new source of entertainment– short videos. TikTok has shown us a new way to be entertained in less than a minute. More importantly, it has allowed content creators to express themselves in an all-new short video format.

If you are a TikToker who loves making short videos on the platform, you must be aware that your views can rise quickly on TikTok if your videos are catchy, entertaining, and high-quality. Likewise, your views can drop quickly if your content lacks the quality viewers want.

Sometimes, though, you might notice that your video views are suddenly dropping without any apparent reason.  This issue can occur regardless of the quality of your videos. But why does this happen? Read on to find the answer.

Why Are My Views on TikTok Suddenly Dropping?

Once you upload a short video on TikTok, it is checked by automated systems for any content which violates TikTok’s guidelines. While the automated checking is not always correct, it is fairly accurate. A team at the backend is responsible for overseeing any errors or mistakes reported by users.

Other than scanning videos for potential violations, TikTok also monitors the activity of the uploader, that is, you. The kind of videos you upload, the kind of comments you post on others’ videos, and how often you upload your videos are some factors considered while analyzing your online behavior.

These factors can potentially be responsible for a sudden drop in your views if your account and videos do not meet the platform’s quality requirements. Violating TikTok’s community guidelines might result in your account getting shadow-banned.

What is the shadow ban on TikTok?

TikTok may ban an account if it detects repeated violations from the account in a short period.

However, banning an account outright is just one way to handle unscrupulous behavior on the platform. In certain cases, when the violations are not very severe or frequent or when TikTok detects suspicious activity from an account without any violations, TikTok might shadow-ban the account.

A Shadow ban is a partial ban that might be imposed on a TikTok account. If your account is banned in this way, you will not experience any explicit difficulties while using the app. You would be able to upload new videos as before, comment on other videos, and do other things.

However, your videos will become invisible to a large section of your viewer base. In other words, your videos won’t appear in the feeds of as many people as they did before. They might just show up on your followers’ accounts but not on other users’ accounts. In this way, your videos’ visibility drops suddenly, and so do your views.

Why was my account shadow-banned on TikTok?

If you think your account might be shadow-banned due to repeated violations of community guidelines or suspicious activity detected from your account, this can be responsible for your dropping views. Here are some underlying factors that can cause the sudden drop in your views on TikTok:

Inappropriate content:

This term refers to any content that might not be suitable or acceptable for all audiences. This includes content depicting nudity, adult scenes, physical or verbal abuse, sensitive political topics, or other content that might be offensive to some users.

If you upload or have uploaded such content, your account might get shadow-banned.

why are my views on tiktok suddenly dropping

Hateful content:

Like any other social media platform, TikTok expects its users to be friendly and polite towards every other user and everyone in general. If you have expressed hateful behavior towards anyone in your recent videos or comments, you should know why your views are dropping suddenly.

Improper length of videos:

If your videos are too short or too long, they risk getting downgraded by TikTok’s algorithm. Your videos might not be promoted as other proper-length videos, and you might notice your views dropping suddenly.

Frequency of uploading your videos:

If you have recently posted videos too frequently on TikTok, your account might be suspected to be a bot, especially if it is a new account. Uploading too many videos from a new account too often can raise TikTok’s eyebrows.

Copied content:

Copying others is a bad habit not only on TikTok but everywhere else. If you copy someone else’s content in your videos, and if it comes to TikTok’s notice, your video might be shadow-banned.

How to fix suddenly dropping TikTok views

If you think your TikTok views are dropping suddenly, you can resort to some steps to get your views back in order. What you should do depends on what is causing the problem. Therefore, we are sharing some common solutions in the following lines so you can give a boost to your views.

Tip 1: Avoid everything you shouldn’t be doing

As discussed in the previous section, doing certain things can result in your account getting shadow-banned, which can mean a sudden drop in your views. The simplest way to increase your views is by uploading quality content that caters to the needs of your target audience without violating any terms and guidelines of the platform.

Tip 2: Upload proper-length videos

Although TikTok videos are shorter than videos on other platforms, they shouldn’t be too short. Videos that are too short can’t generally have valuable content and, therefore, can be downgraded or blacklisted by the algorithm. As a thumb rule, your videos should be at least 15-30 seconds long.

Tip 3: Use trending topics and hashtags

In the present world, popularity comes and does with the trend. One way to maintain a steadily increasing viewer base is by going with the flow. Try to make videos on topics that align with the current trend. You can make videos on any topic you want but try creatively incorporating any popular trends in your videos.

Don’t forget to add relevant hashtags, as they can give a much-needed boost to your videos.

Tip 4: Engage with others

Engagement is a key factor that drives your success on any online platform, including TikTok. You should not only engage with your viewers actively but also with other creators, as this can indirectly boost your engagement.

If you follow the above tips, your views will most likely increase.

The bottom line

If you have just realized that your TikTok views are suddenly dropping for no apparent reason, it might be due to a shadow ban imposed on your TikTok account.

This ban can result due to various reasons mentioned above. The best way to do away with this ban and increase your views is by following the tips we have mentioned in the blog. Read each tip carefully and apply it to your TikTok account.

So, what do you think of our blog now that you have read it? Tell your answer in the comments. If you find it valuable, share the values with your friends.

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