How to Find Someone on Instagram by Photo

Instagram comes loaded with a plethora of exciting features that makes this social media app one of the most popular applications for people of all ages and backgrounds. Sometimes, we have the photo of a person, but we don’t really know their names or the usernames they use for an Instagram account. So, the question is “is it really possible to find the account of a person by their profile photo”?

find someone on instagram by photo

If you have been using Instagram for a while, you must have seen the Insta search bar where you could type the username of the target to find their profiles on Instagram. You could simply type their full names in the search bar and select the profile of the target from the list of options that show up after you hit search.

That’s one way to find the target user on Instagram. Bur, as mentioned above, you don’t always know the username the person has used on Instagrm. The good news is there is a feature that allows you to search the Instagram account through their profile photo. You must have heard of the Instagram reverse search or Image search option.

Before we discuss the feature in detail, note that these methods do not guarantee results. You may or may not find the profile of the target by uploading their photo. However, they help narrow down your options to the most suitable profiles, bringing you one step closer to finding the target user.

How to Find Someone On Instagram by Photo

1. Try Google Image Search

So, there is no direct feature on Instagram that lets you search for a profile through an image, but you could definitely try the reverse search technique in the search engine. All you have to do is upload the photo of the user in the search engine and hit search. The platform will display the list of similar images available on the web. The search engine will show you the relevant photos along with the sources. Here’s how to perform the reverse image search on Google.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the camera button near the search bar
  3. Find and upload the image of the user you’d like to find on Instagram here
  4. Click on the “enter” button and start your search. You will be shown the relevant profiles from around the web.

2. Bing Image Search

Bing also offers the same features as Google’s image search tool. Here, you can find any information about the target’s profile just by uploading their image or the URL of the photo. Open Bing and upload the photo of the user by opening the camera long the search bar. It is one of the safest ways to perform a reverse image search, as all the photos on Bing are deleted automatically.

3. Third-Party Apps

While the above options work well, you could try third-party tools if you are having a hard time performing a reverse image search on Bing and Google. Tineye is a popular reverse image search tool that uses its unique algorithm to match the uploaded image with the relevant photos from the web.

The technique is simple. Check out the website and upload the image available on your desktop. Hit search to find the relevant results. The tool will display a list of the images from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms. It uses the hashing algorithm to perform the reverse image search.

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