How to Find Facebook Accounts Near Me

Facebook is an excellent way of being in touch with family members and friends. But you can’t confuse a social interaction in real life with the one online as it has more benefits. You now have ways by which you can search for nearby Friends on Facebook and even make new connections as well.

find facebook accounts near me

Facebook has rolled out another feature on mobile that’s called ‘Discover People’. This is going to encourage people to get introduced to each other and then scroll across the list of upcoming events.

This also gives a person the opportunity to see other people that might be joining and can go through the list of people that work in the same company as well. The feature has been designed in a way by which one can facilitate connections amongst people that aren’t friends on Facebook, and can also be used for business networking and even for dating as we see the way it has been designed.

The company has been able to add the feature for users of Android and iOS and hasn’t reached its full user capacity as of now. If the option of ‘Discover People’ is made available for you, you can see it in the section below Groups, Events, Friends, and the nearby places.

Facebook generally adds and also removes the latest features for testing the user’s interest and engagements. For instance, you can also find other additions like Send/receive money, Find Wi-Fi, and offers are some of the few.

These new features are also very interesting as it shows you the platform has been working in making sure you are connecting with the people around you well. Here we shall see ways by which you can Find Facebook accounts near you.

How to Find Facebook Accounts Near Me

In case you feel this to be a concern initially, don’t stress. The probability is that people won’t be able to see the location you are in unless you give the app permission to do so. In case you don’t want to stay visible some steps will ensure that your location is staying hidden. Make use of the steps we mention below to make the location visible to Nearby Friends:

Step 1: On your Android or iPhone device, go to the option of settings. Then go to Privacy and finally to location services. You need to switch the location service on in case you want your phone to get discoverable and off if you aren’t comfortable with that.

Step 2: Once the location enabling is done, now go on the app and tap over the icon with three lines, and select ‘Nearby Friends’ from there.

Step 3: Shift the switch towards the right in case you want it to be ON for the Nearby Friends. And left if you need the feature to be switched off.

Once the feature gets enabled, you will see the close friends list as well as the images over the map. This is vital to see as only friends that have followed these steps and enabled the Nearby Friends will be visible. In case you need to locate specific friends, one needs to ask for the feature to be switched on.

Getting in Touch with the Nearby Friends

Once you did locate your friends, you need to get in contact with them. In case you see that you are nearby you can track the location physically. You also have the option to get in touch through phone call or text, if you have the contact number.

When you tap on the photo of the friend nearby you are provided with two options. You can just wave, and it is a great choice if you are an acquaintance and not someone that you are best friends with. Then you have another option of using Messenger for reaching out. This can be done directly through the Nearby Friends feature as well.

Remember that not all users have Messenger set up on their phones for sending a notification that they might have new messages. Therefore they might not even see the message at the time.

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