How to Know if Someone Read Your Message on Instagram

Instagram started as a social media app where people could interact and share their photos, but nobody knew it would turn into one of the most powerful and feature-packed apps in a few years. Today, Instagram has millions of active user accounts with people posting pictures of their day-to-day events. Whether they are traveling or enjoying a weekend at home, they tend to share every small detail of their life on Instagram.

know if someone read your message on instagram

Instagram offers a direct messaging function, which has been gaining immense popularity lately. When somebody sends you a message on Instagram, it goes into their inbox. When they see the message, you will see a “seen” tag that appears right below the message. It shows that the person has read the message.

In this post, we will show you how to know whether the target has seen your message or not.

How to Know if Someone Read Your Message on Instagram

As mentioned above, you will see “seen” right below the message. For that, you need to open the message tab, send a message, and wait for the seen tag. This is for the message you have sent to an individual. If you sent a message to a group, you will see an eye icon, which shows you the list of people who’ve seen the message. There you go! That’s how simple it is to know whether or not the person has read your DM on Instagram.

However, this is only for people who follow you back. If the person doesn’t follow you, your message will be shown in the “requests” tab that’s located on the top of your screen. Unfortunately, there is no way you can know whether the person has read your message from the DM requests until they accept your message request. There is a chance the person has checked this tab and read your messages, but rejected your DM request. If that’s the case, you don’t get the seen tag below the message.  Your best bet is to hope that the person accepts your message request.

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