How to Know if Someone Read Your Message on Instagram

These days, the number of social media websites made available to us are unlimited. If we take a look at our smartphones we can see at least three such websites that we make use of in our daily lives. Instagram is certainly one of them. The application had begun as a normal picture-sharing application, and today it had become one of the powerful platforms online.

know if someone read your message on instagram

Businesses today are making use of Instagram for targeting audiences with interests and some businesses can be called completely dependent on Instagram for their presence.

And for other users like me and you, this is a good application for staying in touch with everything happening across the world right now, celebrity life, and getting in touch with people that have similar interests like ours.

Now direct messaging is such a feature of Instagram that allows text messages to be sent to any user. This feature had been added in the year 2013 and since then it had become amongst the standards for communication for people that heavily rely on it.

But how can you tell, if the other person had read your message? Well, in case you have been searching for an answer, you have reached the right place and we shall guide you on if you see if the other person had read your message or not.

While the method isn’t going to be of assistance in getting a response from the person that you sent the message, you will be at least be well aware of the messages for which you are expecting a response. So without waiting any longer let’s begin with the blog for a better understanding of the subject!

How to Know if Someone Read Your Message on Instagram

  • Open your Instagram account and log in with your credentials.
  • Tap on Direct Message icon located on the right top corner of the screen.
  • Click on the account name that you like to connect through Direct messages.
  • Now type the message and click on the send button.

Well, this is fairly simple on understanding if someone that you had sent a direct message has read it or not. Once the message is sent to the target person, there is a need for checking on the message screen and at the bottom, the option will say ‘seen’

This will be visible only when you had sent a direct message to just one person. In case you had messaged a group of people, the message is going to show an icon of an eye. When you tap over it, it will be revealed how many members had seen the message that you sent.

What Happens When The Recipient Isn’t Following You?

In a situation like this, the recipient can read the message that you had sent without them knowing. The recipient is also going to get the message in form of a ‘request’. Then they have the choice of either accepting or declining it.

  • When the person declines the message request, you are never going to understand when the recipient has had read the message or not.
  • When they accept the message request, as mentioned above, you will be able to see the icon of ‘eye’ under the message that you had sent. This is going to prove that the other person had got your message and have read it as well.

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