How to Tell if Someone Blocked You from Seeing Their Story on Instagram 

Instagram stories are an essential element of the platform and a good strategy for rising customer involvement. They have a 24-hour life span, which makes posting them a rather exciting event. However, this is also a sizable amount of time for unwanted people to view your stories.

tell if someone blocked you from seeing their story on instagram

Instagram provides options for keeping these people away from watching your stories. You may keep it private by making a few easy changes to your privacy settings.

However, we occasionally harbor suspicions that someone might have used this feature against us as well. Therefore, in situations like this, we find ourselves asking: Did they prevent us from seeing their story on Instagram?

Have you wondered what would happen if Instagram started notifying you when people block you? You and many others here could find this revelation unsettling. The application does not attempt to clarify whether these are legitimate concerns or just our misconceptions.

Although it can be frustrating to try to resolve issues without official support, you should be able to do it with little planning and guidance. Read the blog carefully if you want to learn more about it.

How to Tell if Someone Blocked You from Seeing Their Story on Instagram

Run a profile search

It’s not always a mark of dislike when someone chooses to block you from seeing their story. Perhaps all they want is for a few of their closest friends to see it. We suggest you discuss things rather than assume the worst.

If, however, you believe that this is not the case, you should probably try this first if you think that someone has blocked you from their Instagram story. Someone might have blocked you on Instagram as well as the Instagram stories if you truly got into a minor disagreement with them.

So, go to the platform’s search section, type in the user’s username, and do a profile search.

Do the search results include their names? If they don’t, it is evident that they have entirely blocked you. They will also have zero followers and followings, which is a further clue that they have banned you from viewing their profile if you manage to access their profile from someplace. You won’t find any posts, and a message saying No posts yet may appear in the post grid instead.  And once it has been confirmed, you are immediately excluded from seeing all of their Instagram activity, including stories.

Asking a mutual friend for help

The most recent Instagram story of one of your friends’ pups is going viral in your friends’ group, but you don’t even see it! Have such things happened to you? What would you do in this scenario?

Wait a bit to verify if there are any extra internet-related troubles or if it’s just an Instagram hiccup.

But it seems fishy, doesn’t it, if you’re still unable to view it after everything is okay? You can always request a screenshot of the story from your friends!

If they send it to you, but you are still unable to watch anything, it is likely that they have blocked you from seeing their Instagram stories.

Creating a dummy account

Why not do your own research if you don’t think getting a friend to double-check is for you?

Making a second account and giving it a unique username might also work for you. Now, if they have a public account, you can instantly search for the person’s profile using the search box and explore their stories. If their profile has stories, a user has blocked you on your primary account.

If the person is private, you must start by sending a follow request to them. If they accept your request, you can watch the story.

Some people, though, are skeptical of allowing random individuals into their feeds. If so, you should try uploading a profile picture and posting some photographs to make your fake account seem a little more convincing. It would also be preferable if you have some followers; otherwise, it might appear a little odd.

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