How to End Red Heart Emoji on Snapchat Without Breaking Streak

Snapchat, with its ghostly logo and cool filters, has made its way into almost all of our young hearts. If you’re not using it, you must have installed it at least once. But if you haven’t done either, we’re absolutely sure you’ve heard of it in passing. We think keeping a streak is our favorite of its many fantastic features. Right from flames to smile emoticons and the heart system, we want to achieve all of them one by one. We’re sure we’ve all been there.

end red heart emoji on snapchat without breaking streak

Getting that heart is no joke. Snapchat tests your level of friendship with another user, and you get the red heart when you have been #1 BFs with each other for two weeks straight.

Do you see how difficult it can be to get to this milestone on the platform? However, today, we discuss how to end the red heart emoji on Snapchat without breaking the streak.

Are you interested in finding out the answer? Let’s get started.

How to End Red Heart Emoji on Snapchat Without Breaking Streak?

You and your closest buddy seem to have unlocked the red heart emoji on Snapchat. It requires a lot of work and time from both parties, but isn’t it worth it in the end?

However, we know you want to end the red heart emoji without losing the streak for whatever reason. Let us assure you that switching back to a different emoji is not difficult. In fact, you can do it in no time.

Yes, you read it right. And there’s no need to end streaks with someone. You’re demoting yourself because nobody is kicking you out of the Snapchat streak system. Below, we’ve discussed three suggestions for you, so check them out.

Start exchanging snaps and messages with someone else

It’s not easy to be someone’s best buddy for two weeks in a row. Let us tell you, losing it doesn’t take long, despite how hard it is to get.

You need to start by purposefully limiting the number of snaps and messages you send them. There’s no need to talk to the other user about this. However, communicating with them is not a wrong move.

Your red heart emoji will be in trouble if one of you stops sending these snaps or texts and starts messaging someone else. So, go ahead and share that red heart emoji with that other friend you have in mind.

Your red heart will always be there, but it will be with someone else if you start exchanging snaps and texts daily, and that person is just as excited to receive it and reciprocate.

Keep in mind that the last person you had a red heart with can receive a different heart or a smile emoji instead. You keep up your streak and ensure you at least send them a picture and messages daily.

Stray away from the platform

So, you would prefer not to bear the weight of having a red heart emoji on your Snapchat streak? We get it.

At first, it’s all fun and games, but maintaining it may be rather stressful. The enthusiasm wears off after a while, or it becomes extremely difficult to keep up. What, then, would be appropriate to do in the situation?

Not much, really, except for the fact that you quit using the platform frequently. Yes, it really is that easy to solve.

To avoid ending your streak, simply open Snapchat once a day, select a random picture, send it to the person, and ensure they reply with one. You’re done; in this manner, you’ll maintain your streak but undoubtedly lose the red heart.

Break the routine

You see, getting a red heart is only likely if you stick to your daily chat schedule, send snaps, and repeat the process for two weeks straight. Besides, you must remember that you aren’t missing a day to avoid ending the streak and restarting.

Of course, in order to get this emoji, you must cooperate with the other user more than normal. Since it’s one of the requirements, all you have to do is interrupt the two-week habit of maintaining this entire procedure.

Therefore, take your time and stick to the two ways mentioned above. They will let you end the red heart together without ending your streak.

How do you customize the red heart emoji on Snapchat?

Did you know that a simple red heart shouldn’t be too much work? You don’t have to go to great lengths to get it! Yes, you can personalize it on Snapchat, and we’ve figured out the secret code. We assume you’re willing to go down the easy path to get it.

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