Does Someone Know When You Unblock Them on Whatsapp?

Have you ever found yourself eager to block a contact on WhatsApp? We get that feeling a lot, too; trust us, there’s no reason to feel guilty. Sometimes, it’s not about getting angry and frustrated at someone, there are random numbers who message you, and honestly, that’s scary. Thankfully, WhatsApp has a powerful block feature that prevents someone from contacting you using their blocked number.

does someone know when you unblock them on whatsapp

However, we sometimes wish to unblock someone when we cool down after a heated argument. Blocking seems petty after things settle, right?

We wonder if the person will know when we unblock them on the platform. What do you think?

If they found out, that would be so weird, right? Let’s find out the answer in the blog, shall we?

Does Someone Know When You Unblock Them on Whatsapp?

Let’s cut to the chase:

WhatsApp does not send notifications to users when you block or unblock them. When you unblock someone on WhatsApp, the action is not broadcast to the other person since it is a private move.

Remember that WhatsApp prioritizes user privacy and secrecy; discrete actions like blocking or unblocking others are part of this. Therefore, having the block button is negated if they begin telling users of this, don’t you agree?

However, the unblocked person gets subtle hints that they might have been unblocked. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you have been unblocked.

Below, we have mentioned a few signs of unblocking you must look out for on WhatsApp. You can check it out if it interests you.

Their profile picture is visible

WhatsApp has profile photo settings allowing you to set who can see your photo. As a WhatsApp user, you must be aware of this handy setting.

If you have set it to My Contacts, anyone you block won’t be able to see your profile picture since they’re not in your contact anymore. However, once you unblock them, your DP becomes visible.

Remember, if someone who blocked you has kept their profile picture public, you won’t see their profile picture blank if they block you. So, in that case, this sign may not be as helpful as you thought.

You can exchange messages

You are barred from exchanging any sort of messages when you’re blocked on this messaging platform. One of the first things you’ll notice when someone unblocks you is that you can send them messages.

Your messages get delivered, and they read it; the blue checkmarks are proof of that. Moreover, you’ll also receive messages when they send it to you, indicating you’re no longer in their blocked contact list.

You can watch their WhatsApp stories

How do you start noticing that your friend might have blocked you on WhatsApp? Many of us figure it out when the regular WhatsApp stories they share become inconsistent.

Of course, it doesn’t imply they have blocked you because maybe they stopped posting stories or excluded you from viewing them. Perhaps they have stopped posting stories entirely.

But we cannot deny the possibility that they have used the block button, especially if you were already feuding. Once they unblock you, their stories become visible again.

You call them freely

What do you do to confirm you’re blocked on WhatsApp? We believe that if there’s one thing we all surely try, it’s giving them a call, both audio and video. But the calls don’t go through, confirming that we might really be blocked.

So, when it’s time to confirm whether the person has unblocked you, why don’t you call them again? This time, the call will turn from calling to ringing, and perhaps they’ll pick it up, too, confirming you are indeed unblocked.

Here’s how you call someone on WhatsApp:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and scroll to the target user’s chats.

Step 2: Tap the chat to open it.

Step 3: There are two icons at the top: The camera icon for video calls and the dialer icon for audio calls.

Tap on either one to initiate the call.

How to unblock someone on WhatsApp?

Our block list on WhatsApp is never empty; at least, that’s the case for most of us. However, it’s not like we don’t have a change of heart and unblock some of them later.

If you try it, you can easily open the virtual door you so firmly shut and rebuild your bond. Who wouldn’t want to be friends again with the person we used to call our best friend once? Thus, we are here with the steps to unblock someone on WhatsApp if you’re willing to resolve your disagreement with the person and move forward.

Here’s how you unblock someone on WhatsApp:

Step 1: To begin, you must launch the WhatsApp app on your phone.

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