If You Click on Someone’s Bitmoji on Snap Map Does it Notify Them?

In the world of social media, Snapchat finds a special place away from most other prominent platforms. The distinctiveness of Snapchat comes from the various quirky features it offers its users- features that are blended with uniqueness and creativity, features that make its users get hooked to the app for months and years to come. These features contribute to what makes Snapchat a go-to platform for hanging out online.

does someone know if you click on their bitmoji on snap map

Snap Maps are certainly one of the most distinguishing features of Snapchat. Considered overly disclosive by many, Snap Maps enable Snapchatters to share their live location with their friends.

The ability to look at someone else’s whereabouts might seem interesting and useful, but it is not always quite appropriate. After all, you don’t want to appear like a nagging spy to your Snapchat friend. This brings the question, “Does someone get to know when you see their location on Snap Map?”

In the following sections, we’ll explore this question in detail and see whether someone can know if you see their location or click on their bitmoji on Snap Map.

If You Click on Someone’s Bitmoji on Snap Map Does it Notify Them?

Apart from its out-of-the-box features, Snapchat is also known for its focus on privacy. The platform doesn’t require people to disclose any data other than their username and makes messages disappear after twenty-four hours unless manually saved by the users.

The Snap Map feature, however, is much of an exception to the privacy-oriented interface of the platform. It allows users to disclose their exact location to all or some of their friends. Due to its disclosive nature, many Snapchatters criticize this feature and prefer to keep it disabled.

However, if you just want to see the location of your friends, you don’t need to worry about your privacy. Snapchat doesn’t notify the user when someone sees them on the Snap Map. In other words, if you see someone’s location on the Snap Map, the other person will NOT know anything about it.

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