Do You Get Missed Call Notification on Whatsapp If It Never Rings?

Which is one of the instant messaging apps you think of video calling someone? We bet WhatsApp will make the cut even for audio calls nowadays for most people. Well, why not, isn’t it? The app works just fine when the call fails to connect, even via the native phone apps. Calling someone on this instant messaging app is a breeze. However, users have questions that they need answers to sometimes.

do you get missed call notification on whatsapp if it never rings

We have read a lot of you confused about missed call alerts on the platform. We wanted to highlight one of the questions that drew our attention.

Do you get missed call notifications on WhatsApp if it never rings? We will discuss this question today. So, let us not waste any more time and delve right in.

Do You Get Missed Call Notification on Whatsapp If It Never Rings?

Calling someone into the wee hours of the day “accidentally” and cutting it right that instant! Do you recall something like that? Perhaps you were stalking your crush’s profile chats, and your fingers pressed those video or audio call buttons!

We have heard of these horror stories a lot, and we bet we don’t want to be the main characters here! However, the fortune gods are not always on our side, isn’t it? Besides, our fingers have a mind of their own sometimes too. So, we think of all the after-affects after the damage has been done.

This brings us to one of the main concerns of this chaos – Do you get missed call notification on WhatsApp if it never rings?

When you call a contact, it shows calling and eventually changes to ringing. The conversion from calling to ringing depends on different criteria. For instance, your device must be switched on, and your internet connection must be on and stable enough for the call to get through.

Let us discuss WhatsApp call’s calling and ringing features in the section below.

The calling option

If the call is stuck at calling, it means that the person isn’t online or their internet is off. If you belong to this category, you are fortunate as long as you cut the call quickly. In this case, they will not receive any missed call notifications because the call never went through.

The calling-to-ringing option

If you call someone and the call changes from calling to ringing, the person will get a missed call alert.

Please note regardless of the number of rings, the person on the other end will receive a missed call. So, try to cut that call within the first two seconds for no missed call alerts.

How do you call someone on WhatsApp?

Do you wish to make an international call with a friend? Oh well, the calling fee isn’t looking cheap! Yes, we understand, but we have a solution: The WhatsApp audio and video calling feature for free.

Now, you only need to have WhatsApp installed on your phone and ensure that the person you wish to call has it too. Everything would be easy with an internet connection!

But hold up! How do you make a WhatsApp call in the first place? Are you aware of the steps that you need to follow?

Well, we are sure a lot of you reading the section don’t know, and it’s perfectly fine. We will be happy to discuss it here, so you don’t face any problems. So, go grab your phones and start with the steps already.

Steps to call someone on WhatsApp:

Step 1: In order to begin, you must locate your WhatsApp app on the device and open it.

Step 2: You will see the chat interface upon opening the app. You must navigate to the user you want to audio/video call on the app. Please tap on their chat to open it.

do you get missed call notification on whatsapp if it never rings

Step 3: Click on the video call icon for facetime. And tap on the voice call icon for audio calls. Both icons are present at the top of the chat thread next to the person’s name.

do you get missed call notification on whatsapp if it never rings

Let the calling option change to ringing for the call to connect so that the person can pick it up.

In the end

With this, we have decided to wrap up our discussion. Now, let’s recap the topics we have discussed in the blog, shall we?

We talked about frequently asked questions on WhatsApp. We addressed whether you get missed call notification on WhatsApp if it never rings.

We went over the topic in detail, so make sure you also pay attention to it. So, did you like the answers in the blog?

We would love to know your responses, so make sure you comment. Also, please don’t hesitate to drop a comment if you have any doubts. Follow us for more tech-related content.

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