Why Can’t I Search Music on Instagram?

While Instagram was a visual-centric platform, to begin with, no one can deny that adding the feature of music to it has taken it to the next level. Imagine having reels with no music in the background; can you do it at all? To add to that, adding music to stories adds a whole set of spice and meaning to them. Often, a majority of viewers are often attracted to stories with music and rewatch them to just the whiff of the song. Haven’t so many songs been a hit through Instagram just last year?

why can't i search music on instagram

So, it is globally acknowledged that Instagram today would not be the same without music. How can you expect your profile to be? If you’re having trouble finding the perfect song for a reel you’ve wanted to upload for a long time, we’re here to help!

Read on to learn more about the no results found issue on Instagram music and how it can be resolved.

Why Can’t I Search Music on Instagram?

We understand that you’re having trouble looking for a piece of music that you want to use, either on your story or for your reel. A common error many users make at this point is they miss out on the correct name of that particular audio on Instagram music.

If you’re hearing a song for the first time, you’d focus on the lyrics and type them as keywords, right? Well, you’re right so far, but there’s one extra step you need to take.

Type these keywords in Google, adding Instagram audio name after it, and hit Enter. You’ll find that there are countless websites that publish blogs with these audio names; you’re going to get what you’re looking for within minutes.

Now, assuming you have the right audio name in hand and are yet unable to find it on Instagram music, here’s one majority possibility that might be causing it:

Which account do you have: a private or a public one?

Here’s a simple question for you: Are you using a private or a public (business, blog, creator) account on Instagram? Confused? Trust us; it plays a more important role in determining your access to Instagram music than you’d think.

Here’s the real deal: As a public account on Instagram, any content you post is subject to public view. So, if you’re using any music for the promotion of your brand, be it personal or product/service-based, they should benefit from it, too. That requires prior permission, which, if not taken, could lead to copyright infringement issues.

It is to avoid this kind of hassle that Instagram prevents a public account access to music with strict copyright policies. But if there is some music you absolutely want to use, you could consider changing your account type for it as well.

Other fixes to this issue:

We’re aware that the fix that we suggested above isn’t feasible for a majority of business account owners. After all, you can’t rebuild your entire home just to change the name in front.

So, if you’re not up for going through all that unnecessary change, here are a couple of other fixes that might do the job for you:

#1: Using VPN mode

This might be news to some users, but the music feature on Instagram isn’t available in every part of the world right now. Some countries are still untouched by it, and if yours is one, then looking for music in the VPN mode could work for you.

Also, this fix will also work for different audios that are banned in different countries.

#2: Uploading it as an MP4 file

For the last, we’ve saved the fix that might need some work but is most sustainable for the long run. Here, we’d suggest you to ditch Instagram music altogether. After all, the internet is a free place, where you can find countless websites to download your music from.

From there on, you could use an online – or offline – converter to change it to an MP4 format and upload it alongside your reel/post. How does that sound? Try it and tell us if it worked well for you!

In the end

As we come to the end of our blog, here are a few things we’d like you to keep in mind about Instagram Music. This feature works differently for public and private accounts to avoid copyright infringement issues. Also, it has certain restrictions on certain music in certain regions, so you’ll have to make your choice of music accordingly.

If you have any other Instagram-related issue, look for its solution here.

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