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CPF Generator: CPF number is assigned to each resident of Brazil who’s liable to pay taxes. Whether you are a citizen of Brazil or you earn from the Brazilian market, you will be given a CPF number if you pay taxes on your income and property to the Brazilian government.

cpf generator

The number is unique for all taxpayers, and it consists of 11 digits, where the last two numbers are the verifier digits.

The CPF generator is extensively used to generate this 11 digits unique number. Software developers, as well as testers, use this tool to come up with an accurate CPF number that’s unique.

It is also used to validate the CPF number. Once the number is validated by the CPF generator, it indicates that the number matches the unique CPF algorithm.

It is important to note that the CPF number generated by the CPF generator has nothing to do with the Federal Revenue of Brazil. Instead, the main goal of the number is to help software testers and developers in the testing procedure.

CPF Generator

The CPF Generator by iStaunch is a free online tool that lets you generate CPF numbers for free. All you have to do is enter your date of birth and tap on the Generate button. That’s it, the tool will generate random CPF numbers.

Note that the CPF number is quite important for Brazilians. Xoom has made it mandatory for people proceeding with transactions to Brazilian accounts to submit the unique CPF number.

You cannot proceed with any kind of Xoom transaction unless you get the CPF number verified. The transaction will be canceled automatically if you fail to enter the accurate CPF number.

So, make sure you get your CPF number verified by the Brazilian government before processing Xoom transactions.

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