What Does “Comments on this post have been limited” Mean on Instagram?

Consider this scenario: You are attending a meeting or an event where a person– probably the host– is giving his presentation. Perhaps he is expressing his views on a particular topic. The hall is bustling with people– people from different places, all with different backgrounds and different stories to tell. Being a part of this diverse audience feels great. However, there is a catch.

comments on this post have been limited

At the end of the host’s presentation, everyone has to respond and give opinions on what was just presented. It feels great to hear everyone speaking their mind and understanding their views. But, as much as you’re excited to express your opinions, you are forbidden to speak. What’s worse, you don’t even know why you are restricted. How does it feel?

Merely imagining this scenario causes a stir of frustration and confusion. Being unable to speak or express yourself is as frustrating as it sounds, and it’s never a good experience. Likewise, being unable to comment on an Instagram post is a virtual equivalent of the scenario we just discussed.

The online world has made us more connected than we ever were. And Instagram is the place where millions of social media users reside and have fun while sharing their views and thoughts with each other. As such, seeing the “Comments on this post have been limited” message naturally calls for confusion and frustration.

Let’s tell you why you might see this message while trying to comment on an Instagram post and if you can bypass it. Keep reading this piece to know all that and much more than what you are looking for.

What Does Comments on This Post Have Been Limited Mean on Instagram

Like other social media platforms, Instagram thrives on a give-and-take relationship of ideas and opinions. We love posting photos, videos, reels, and stories on Instagram. And in return, we get likes, comments, and of course, followers.

Comments are an integral part of every social media platform. After all, what’s the difference between social media and television without comments and likes? Wouldn’t the internet become a one-way communication if people are not allowed to express themselves and provide feedback on the content they consume?

These questions might trouble you. In reality, though, there is nothing to worry about if you see the above message while commenting on Instagram. The reason behind the message is not something you can control.

Don’t worry. You haven’t committed a community guideline violation. And, most likely, you haven’t run into a technical glitch either. The reason why you are seeing this banner while trying to comment on someone’s Instagram post is that the uploader doesn’t want to get everyone’s feedback on their posts. In other words, the original owner has restricted who can comment on their posts.


Instagram allows users to prevent some people from interacting with their posts. Every Instagrammer can control who can message them and comment on their posts. Users can avoid unwanted people from messaging or commenting on their posts by limiting their post interactions.

So, if you are seeing the message “Comments on this post have been restricted” in the comments section of a post, it means the post owner has turned on the Limits feature for their account.

comments on this post have been limited instagram

The Limits feature restricts all non-followers from commenting on the posts of the user. If you are not following the person on whose post you want to comment, Limits might be the reason for the above message.

You can get restricted even if you are a follower of the post-owner. This can happen if you have been following them for the last week or less.

Comments control

This feature works in a similar way as the Limits feature. But it is restricted to comments only. 

Nevertheless, you might be unable to comment on a post if the post-owner has restricted the commenting access to everyone other than their followers/following lists. This means only the people who are following the post-owner and those who the post-owner is following can comment on the posts.

So, if you haven’t followed the person yet, you might be unable to comment on their posts.

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