Can You Find History of IP Addresses That Logged into Your Amazon Account?

What’s your go-to shopping app? We’ve found it after conducting extensive surveys that a majority of netizens have answered Amazon, so if you were one of them, we wouldn’t be surprised. Believe it or not, this e-commerce behemoth that has now taken over all the sectors of the internet that truly matter – be it AI, cloud computing, online streaming, or advertising – had quite a humble beginning more than two decades ago.

can you find history of ip addresses that logged into your amazon account

Amazon was originally a digital store for music and videos, which then expanded to books, games, toys, electronics, and home improvement. Today, you can find almost anything imaginable in their store, from farm seeds to lipstick.

Within a decade of its running, Amazon had already gained enough global popularity to launch an exclusive, paid membership in the form of Prime. This membership opened up many privileges and benefits for its subscribers, which have only gotten better over time.

One of these exciting privileges is that you get to share your account with friends and family and enjoy a more wholesome service from the platform. In this blog, we’re going to talk more about the multi-user aspect of Amazon and how you can monitor it more closely. Now let’s get started!

Can You Find History of IP Addresses That Logged into Your Amazon Account?

Whether it’s due to an impending threat or just a privacy issue, if you feel that your Amazon account has been compromised lately, it’s always a reason to be concerned. That being said, we’re afraid that there’s no way of finding the history of IP addresses that logged into your Amazon account on the platform.

This is because the platform considers the IP addresses of its users’ private knowledge – and for a good reason – and finds it best to remain sensitive to other users, even if they’re sharing an account with them.

Moreover, finding a log-in history of your Amazon account (for all the devices using it) is also next to impossible on the Amazon app. And in matters like these, even a third-party tool might not be of any help.

So, do we have any good news at all? Well, we do. Keep reading to find out what it is.

How to check the devices that are currently logged into your Amazon account

While it might be difficult to keep track of the history of the IP addresses of all devices that have ever logged into your Amazon account, if your problem is of a more current nature, we might be able to help with it.

Wondering what we mean? If you’re a prime account holder on Amazon and possess the phone number with which the account has been registered, you enjoy certain privileges on the platform.

One such privilege is possessing the record of all the devices that are currently logged into your account, not even just the Shopping one, but also Prime Video, Prime Music, and Kindle. And that’s not even all!

As the main account holder, you can also deregister any device that you don’t recognize here with a click of your fingertip. Deregistering will log them out of your account. You can then change your password, so that even if they have your old password, it will not log them in anymore.

But where will you find this information on Amazon? If you follow the steps mentioned in our step-by-step guide below, they’ll take you there!

Step 1: On your smartphone’s menu grid, navigate Amazon’s mud-yellow icon with a smiley and tap it to launch the app.

Step 2: As you land on the home page of the tab, you’ll come across a column with four icons arranged on it, with the home icon placed at the leftmost corner. Toward its right, there’s a silhouette icon.

Tap on this icon to open your Account page.

Step 3: As you go to this page, you’ll find a greeting – Hello, XYZ – where XYZ is your username, on top.

Following it are four buttons, arranged in rows of two. The button placed at the bottom-left – that reads Your Account – is the one you need to tap on next.

Step 4: On the next tab you land on, you’ll find lists of options divided into different categories.

The first one is of Orders, followed by Account Settings. It is in this second section that the key to what you’re looking for lies.

Step 5: As you scroll down Account Settings, the fourth option you’ll land on is this – Content and Devices.

Give this option a tap, and you’ll be taken to another tab.

Step 6: Here, you’ll spot four options arranged horizontally on the top:




Privacy Settings

Tap on Devices, and you’ll find this heading next: Amazon apps installed on devices (xyz).

In the bracket next to the heading, you’ll find the number of unique devices that have logged into your account.

Below, you’ll find these devices arranged into different categories of the Amazon app they’ve been using. As you tap on each app, a list of all registered devices will open, alongside the option to deregister them.

Although their IP addresses are untraceable here, there is other information that might help you recognize them; such as whether they’re Android or iOS devices and the last date of their registration into your account.

Pro-tip: To make the job of tracking devices that use your Amazon account easier, you can also add individual names to all devices one by one so as to identify a new device right away.

This can’t be done in hindsight, but you could log out from all devices and start afresh, granting log-in permission to friends and family one-by-one and saving their devices with their names as you went.

Wrapping it up

As we approach the end of our blog, here’s a quick summary of our learnings from above.

Our discussion began by talking about Amazon, a super-app that over 80% of netizens use extensively today. This e-commerce giant has no shortage of loyal customers, which is also why thousands of them buy annual subscriptions to its Prime membership.

Then, moved ahead to talk about the control of devices logged into a single Amazon account, and whether it was possible to track their IP addresses; only to find out such a thing cannot be done on the platform. All you can do is check the devices logged in currently and deregister them if required.

Do you have more questions about how things work on Amazon? Feel free to ask them all in the comments section below!

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