Will i Lose My Snapchat Streaks if My Account is Locked for 48 Hours?

What do you think is the highlight of Snapchat? We are quite sure that fans of Snapchat are acquainted with streaks! And if this feature isn’t the highlight of the app, we don’t know what is! There is no going back once you get too deep into this game, which the app offers as a unique experience to all its users. You will become attached to the unique emoticons that appear next to the person’s name once you start maintaining your streaks regularly.

will i lose my snapchat streaks if my account is locked for 48 hours

Streaks, however, don’t last very long, at least not readily. It requires effort to keep up, which some people might find exhausting. Many people also tend to e streaks even though they love to keep them.

The question we will discuss today is, “Will I lose my Snapchat streaks if my account is locked for 48 hours?” You have to read on to learn about it in the following sections.

Will I Lose My Snapchat Streaks if My Account is Locked for 48 Hours?

You are on a Snapstreak if you see a flame icon next to your friend’s name on Snapchat. Now streaks can be started more easily, but consistency is a challenge for many individuals. There are some rules we must follow in order to keep it going.

However, the Snapchat Help Center states that both Snapchatters must exchange Snaps with one another within a 24-hour period. You will lose your streaks if you don’t send any photos to your contacts for a full day.

The hourglass icon that pops up will show you that your streak is about to end. You only have a short window of time after that to take a picture and send it to the person before you lose it. You should be mindful that any texts you send in the conversation section to one another will not count toward your streak.

Nevertheless, 48 hours is twice as long as the usual window of time in which you must send a snap to keep it going. So, you will undoubtedly lose your Snapchat streak if your account is locked for 48 hours. Please bear in mind that in this situation, you won’t escape losing your streak unless there is a technological error—a very remote possibility.

Do you understand the reason Snapchat locked your account? We’ll outline potential causes and fixes below. Please refer to them to avoid losing your streaks to this issue.

Reason 1: Violation of the Snapchat community guidelines or terms of service

According to Snapchat support, you can have your account permanently deleted if you break the app’s community guidelines or terms of service. Please read the following community guidelines that the app regularly updates, and make sure you follow them to make the platform safe.

You cannot threaten, intimidate, or physically abuse someone else and expect the app to remain silent about it. The Snapchat team will lock your account if they discover that you frequently engage in unlawful activity on the website and spread false information.

Reason 2: Third-party apps, plug-ins, and tweaks

Snapchat strongly discourages the use of third-party applications, plug-ins, and tweaks. If you are using the application, make sure you have uninstalled any of it to prevent being kicked out.

These are additional possibilities for why your account may have been locked. But chances are that your account will be temporarily locked if it is your first time breaking these guidelines.

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