Why is Someone Still Showing on Following List When I Unfollowed Them Already?

Following someone and unfollowing them is a part of being on social media apps, and Instagram is no different. We need to accept and move on when someone does this to use and unfollow people right away if their posts don’t interest us anymore. We know this little move can feel like a mini breakup, but sometimes it has to be done. However, not every time things go smoothly for people on the app, isn’t it? There are errors and mishaps on the app that we have to go through! However, what’s important is to see how you overcome these problems.

why is someone still showing on following list when i unfollowed them already

Many of you here wonder why someone is still showing on your following list after you unfollowed them already. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question; we should tell you about it first-hand.

But we have a few reasons why this happened on the app! So, read on to learn everything in the sections below.

Why is Someone Still Showing on Following List When I Unfollowed Them Already?

We unfollow people on the app for different reasons on Instagram, and we all can agree to this. However, the point is that we take that step to remove someone from our following list.

But what would you do if their posts still emerged on your Instagram feed? This isn’t supposed to happen since that is not how this unfollow button on the app should work, and we all know it.

Why do you think such glitches appear on the app or, more precisely, your account? We will let you know the reasons, so make sure you check them out.

Reason 1: You have a weak internet connection

The primary reason you still see someone pop up on your following list when you unfollowed them is due to a weak internet connection. Network issues can fail the action you take, so you need to redo the step for the step to work.

So, make sure you check for the wifi or mobile data and try switching it off and back on to see whether it would work. Your Instagram will fail to work if there is a problem with your internet connectivity, so ensure it is up to the point while running the app.

Go and unfollow the person again after checking the internet connectivity to see if the steps go through. Let’s check out the steps to unfollow someone on Instagram.

Steps to unfollow someone on Instagram:

Step 1: Go to the Instagram app on your phone and login if necessary.

Step 2: Use the search icon at the bottom of the page to search for the person in question.

why is someone still showing on following list when i unfollowed them already

Step 3: Enter the person’s profile by clicking on their username. Do you see the Following tab here at the center of the page? Please go and click on it.

why is someone still showing on following list when i unfollowed them already

Step 4: An options menu will surface on the screen. Please select unfollow from the list to complete your action.

why is someone still showing on following list when i unfollowed them already

That’s it; you have unfollowed the person on Instagram.

Reason 2: There is a technical glitch in the app

Don’t underestimate what technical glitches can do to your Instagram app. These glitches may affect the entire app or specific parts of it. So, they can also be the reason why you still see someone on your following list right after you unfollow them.

You can wait for some time if the glitch is common for people next to you or somewhere nearby. Next, try to log out of your device and also clean your in-app cache to see whether these solutions work.

Your account will go back to normal once these glitches go away. Unfollow the person again to remove them from your following list.

Reason 3: Instagram server is down/crashing

You must have heard or experienced firsthand when Instagram is down or its servers are crashing, right? At times, none of the app features seem to be working when the app is down.

We believe that this might be one of the possible reasons why you cannot unfollow the person. You can cross-confirm this fact by checking out Twitter.

The platform would be swamped with #Instagramdown when such a thing happens. You must know that if the app is down, you must wait for a while and then carry out the procedure to unfollow.

Reason 4: Someone has hacked your account

This reason can make you anxious, but we cannot rule out their possibility just because it doesn’t happen on a daily basis. You might think that your account is safe and that nobody cares about it to the extent that they will hack into it.

But guess what? These things are again common, and we must consider the reason. Instagram will inform you when somebody else logs in to your account with a different device model and location. However, you might have skipped the warning for reasons known to you.

Please never miss these alerts, especially because it concerns your account’s safety. The person might be following the person you have unfollowed, and hence you see them appearing on the list. Thus, go and change your password to something strong to avoid such mishaps.

Reason 5: You followed them by mistake

This reason may sound silly to your ears, but we need to consider this, too, isn’t it? You might have unfollowed the person once, only to follow them after a good few days.

You should also note that unfollowing a person and following them is just a matter of a few clicks on the same button.

This is why you must be careful not to tap the follow button because that will make them appear on your following list.

Now you may have forgotten to unfollow them already. So, make sure you do it right and remember it next time.

In the end

With this, we have decided to wrap up our discussion. So, let’s revisit and recap the topics that we have discussed today, shall we?

We discussed why a person appears on the following list when we unfollow them. We have discussed five reasons with solutions, so you must go through them wisely.

We hope our blog has the answer to your problem! Comment down your thoughts, so we know if the reasons and fixes worked for you. Don’t hesitate to shoot your questions if you have any related to the topic.

Also, please pass along the blog to whoever needs these answers. If you are interested, you can follow our website so that you don’t miss out on any of the technology-related updates!

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