Why is My Snapchat Opening Snaps and Messages by Itself?

If you have been using the internet for quite some time, you know how frustrating it is when your go-to social media platforms mess up with you through glitches, updates, or bugs. One of the common problems that many Snapchatters face is “Snapchat Opening Snaps and messages by itself without any user action.”

why is my snapchat opening snaps and messages by itself

Before that mini panic attack starts kicking inside you, let us help you out. You don’t have to worry about this common issue – you are not alone. We addressed this exact problem and explained why it’s happening and how you can solve the issue. Read further.

Why is My Snapchat Opening Snaps and Messages by Itself?

We have eight reasons why this issue has been occurring in your device. So, you can see for yourself the true reason behind the curtains. This exhaustive list covers all aspects, so this is your one-stop solution.

The classic bugs and glitches

If anything unusual happens with any of your applications on your device, it’s likely because of the glitch or bugs. This happens almost always and gets resolved within a day or two maximum.

Sometimes new updates can interrupt the flow of other features, and that will be resolved shortly as the team expects these bugs to occur with every update. Moreover, your friends and other Snapchatters may also encounter the exact situation if it’s just a glitch or bug.

Is your internet stable?

The next best guess is your network stability. If your internet is slow or down for a while, you may experience an interruption while using the application.

It’s better to double-check your internet connection and try closing or opening the application. You may often find other apps malfunctioning severely because of the internet connectivity. Therefore, you need to make sure there is a stable internet connection.

When did you update the application last?

Another possible reason is you might be using an older Snapchat version. Take a look at when your Snapchat was last updated.

You can also review the Google Play store or AppStore if you have enabled the auto-update feature to see if they have stopped for any reason. A simple update can help you troubleshoot the issue you’ve been facing.

Your device might be flawed

If you’ve been using your mobile device for a significant amount of time and encountering issues like sudden phone crashing or hanging now and then, Snapchat can also be sensitive to that. Changing your device is the only solution relevant to you in this case.

Alternatively, you can stop using your mobile for an hour and see if the problem continues. You might already know how smartphones react when they hang frequently, so it’s likely the reason behind this Snapchat issue too.

Snapchat server issue

Another common reason for this burning issue can be the Snapchat server problem. Like any other social media platform, Snapchat sometimes deals with this issue and reacts in unknown ways, ultimately annoying its users.

Usually, this is something that the Snapchat team troubleshoots within a few hours or a day. So, it’s best to hold on before this issue gets resolved to use the application again.

Touchscreen sensitivity

Similar to smartphone issues, your screen can sometimes be sensitive to mild taps or swipes, AKA ghost touches, which can open Snapchat if it’s within your fingertip reach. Usually, in the scenario, the app may open up 2-4 times if you’re not aware that you have been unknowingly tapping or swiping past the app.

Additionally, if you see any waterdrops or dust clinging to your screen, that can also be a reason for this unusual activity. So, clean your device screen and be aware of how you interact with your screen while using it.

Did you download any malicious software?

Suppose you have downloaded any APKs or unauthorized software or file from the internet that infects your device; it could be a possible reason for this issue. Always remember it’s unsafe to download software unofficially from third-party users as you never know what advantages they take over your devices. If you have downloaded any, it’s highly suggested to remove them immediately and use an antivirus app to ensure your information is safe.

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