Why is Instagram Music Not Available for Some Accounts?

Instagram is one of the best online platforms to connect with friends and share your pictures. If you know their name, you can find almost anyone on Instagram, from celebrities to your neighbor. How did Instagram become so popular? And how is it still relevant after so many years of its launch? Read on to learn all about it! The oldest version of Instagram was just available on web browsers. Launched in 2010, Instagram has always been a hub for artsy, aesthetic content.

why is instagram music not available for some accounts

Millennials loved Instagram; it was a break from Facebook, which was at its peak at that time. Anyhow, Instagram started to become more and more popular. But it still wasn’t at the top, mainly because Facebook was still highly popular among internet users. It all changed when Gen Z stepped into the online pool.

They brought a new perspective to the world of social media networking. Instead of just interacting with one another, they wanted more. They wanted a platform that actively worked to make their experience more exciting on the platform, and Instagram delivered just that.

Instagram has firmly voiced its support for the LGBTQ+ community, among other social causes. Many other updates and additions have also aimed to make the platform more interactive with the users.

All these efforts have clearly paid off because Instagram today has two billion monthly active users, second only to its parent company, Facebook. And while we’d love to say that a new approach and some interaction is all it took for Instagram to get where it is today, there’s much more than that.

The features and options on the app play a huge role in Instagram’s popularity. It’s got enough engaging and targeted content to keep a user engaged for hours at an end. However, to ensure people don’t use the app for that long, Instagram sends a notification every ten minutes while they’re on the app, asking them to take a break.

The Explore section and the Reels tab are the main engaging points on the platform. They display individually customized content for each user, unconsciously making them feel valued and important.

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss why Instagram music is unavailable for some accounts.

Why is Instagram Music Not Available for Some Accounts?

Instagram is one of the best ways to express yourself freely in a creative way. Earlier, you could do so with the help of stickers in your pictures. However, this trend also went out of style, as trends often do.

How people posted on Instagram five to six years ago has completely changed. There were colorful stickers, cluttered feeds, and optimized grids to maintain the flow. However, that’s all changed now.

Pictures without filters and in no particular order are what people like now. Random dumps with unrelated pictures give a more relatable look inside a person’s life, don’t you think?

Anyhow, music is an important component of quality content. Thankfully, Instagram leaves no stones unturned when it comes to musical variety.

However, doesn’t it feel annoying watching someone’s video or story but not hearing the music they’ve added? Moreover, people have also been complaining that they haven’t been able to add music to their posts, stories, or reels.

Don’t worry; it isn’t just you. There are a few reasons why the music isn’t available for your Instagram account.

Here’s why Instagram music is not available for some accounts

 The Instagram app is not up to date

If you’re using Instagram on your smartphone, there’s a good chance that you’ve just not updated the app. It’s easy to miss updates on Instagram, seeing how there are so many of them. Almost once every two weeks, a new update is waiting for you.

why is instagram music not available for some accounts

Just go to the Play Store or App Store and install the latest version of the app to access all the newest features.

The feature is unavailable in your country

Some songs are only available in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, and Sweden. If you’re seeing a message saying Instagram music is not available in your region, don’t worry, it’s not a problem with your device.

To get rid of this issue, you must install a VPN and set it to one of the countries mentioned above. After that, you won’t have to worry about Instagram music not being available on your account.

It’s a glitch/bug

Instagram is a large social media platform, so it isn’t surprising to learn that sometimes, there can be technical malfunctions. If Instagram music is unavailable on your device for no apparent reason, here are some of the hacks that might help you out:

  • Uninstall and reinstall Instagram on your smartphone.
  • Restart your smartphone.
  • Switch to a better internet connection.
  • Log out and log in to your Instagram account.

If you aren’t able to use an audio for your content on Instagram, there’s a good chance that’s happening because you’re using a professional/business account.

To check this theory, just log in to your personal account and check if the problem persists.

If it does, then go ahead and contact the Instagram Support team. They’re there to help you, and we’re sure they can solve your issue in a minute.

In the end

As we end this blog, let’s recap all we’ve discussed today.

Instagram music is one of the most entertaining aspects of the platform. If you’ve been unable to access Instagram music recently, don’t worry, we can help you with it.

There are more than a couple of causes behind this error: maybe the feature isn’t available in your country yet, or your device is going through an internet outrage. Whatever the problem is, there’s nothing a few old-school tricks can’t solve, right?

If you haven’t been able to use an audio for your content, that’s probably because you’re using a professional or business account. In these cases, copyright issues often get in the way. Switch to a personal account to get rid of this error.

If our blog has helped you, don’t forget to tell us all about it in the comments below!

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